Inspect roofs to assure no tree branches are in a position to rub against the shingles during high winds. These branches can cause extensive damage to the roof and generally should be removed.
— LSU AgCenter Photo/Rick Bogren

Get It Growing: Check trees as summer storms increase

Violent thunderstorms can occur around the state during summer, and in south Louisiana high winds from hurricanes are a real concern.

Louisiana native trees are resilient, and most can even withstand sporadic catastrophic flooding like these trees that stand in flood water following Hurricane Ike in 2008.
—LSU AgCenter/Bruce Schultz Photo

Native trees can withstand floods

ALEXANDRIA — Although no stranger to rain and floods, Louisiana has seen a record number of extreme weather occurrences since 2014, and no area of the state has been immune, said LSU AgCenter fore

LSU AgCenter Horticulturist Dan Gill suggests planting shade-tolerant perennials or ground covers where grass will not grow.
—LSU AgCenter/Rick Bogren

Get It Growing: Too much shade means lawn problems

Often, the things people plant first in new landscapes are the lawn and shade trees. As time goes on, however, sun-loving lawn grasses and shade trees don’t go together particularly well.


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