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Trees planted on the southwestern and western sides of the house will shade the house from the most intense sun during the hottest part of the day.
—LSU AgCenter/Rick Bogren

Get It Growing: Select the right tree for the landscape

In Louisiana, we celebrate Arbor Day each year on the third Friday in January. Arbor Day is when we take time to plant trees and appreciate the benefits that trees provide for us.

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Inspect roofs to assure no tree branches are in a position to rub against the shingles during high winds. These branches can cause extensive damage to the roof and generally should be removed.
— LSU AgCenter Photo/Rick Bogren

Get It Growing: Check trees as summer storms increase

Violent thunderstorms can occur around the state during summer, and in south Louisiana high winds from hurricanes are a real concern.

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Louisiana native trees are resilient, and most can even withstand sporadic catastrophic flooding like these trees that stand in flood water following Hurricane Ike in 2008.
—LSU AgCenter/Bruce Schultz Photo

Native trees can withstand floods

ALEXANDRIA — Although no stranger to rain and floods, Louisiana has seen a record number of extreme weather occurrences since 2014, and no area of the state has been immune, said LSU AgCenter fore

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LSU AgCenter Horticulturist Dan Gill suggests planting shade-tolerant perennials or ground covers where grass will not grow.
—LSU AgCenter/Rick Bogren

Get It Growing: Too much shade means lawn problems

Often, the things people plant first in new landscapes are the lawn and shade trees. As time goes on, however, sun-loving lawn grasses and shade trees don’t go together particularly well.



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