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Little Big League participants (Submitted Photo/Courtesy of the Morgan City U.S. Bowling Congress Bowling Association)

Little Big League members recognized

Little Big League Bowlers were recognized Aug. 5 at Charlie’s lanes.
The group consists of one adult and one junior bowler per team. It is held each summer as an activity for adult and children.
Below are the top winners:
—Top 5 Teams: Gutter Balls (Aaron Verrett and John LaCombe), 20-10 record; Team GOAT (Zachary Stewart and Anthony Falgout Jr.), (22.5-13.5); Gutter Gals (Katelyn Anthony and Ashley Anthony), 22.5-13.5; Still Don’t Know (Mackenzie Amador and Tamara Aucoin), 22-14; and The Bulldogs (Zachery Frentz and Linsey Holliman), (22-14). —Season High Handicap game: Still Don’t Know 543; Team Marvel (Cora Reed and Schaun Reed), 534; and X-Men (Evan Rotolo and Robert Rotolo), 517.
—Season Handicap Series: Team GOAT (1539), The Bowling Crips (Ryan Armond, Reed Armond and Shayne LaCoste), 1457; and White Rice (Trevor Tong and Faith Spinella), 1433.
—Season High Scratch Game: Lumberjacks (Meghan Amador and Stephen Buckner), 467; Uga Muggas (William Sartwell and Rick Sartwell), 385; and Twix (Devin Hidalgo and Melissa Hidalgo), 368.
—Season High Scratch Series: Spinella’s (Jonathan Spinella and David Spinella), 1,186; Prize Fighters (Richard Sartwell and Chris Mayon), 1,073; and Team Pillaro (Montana Pillaro and Jerry Pillaro), and Pin Pals (Hannah Pipes and Celeste Pipes), 990.
—Individual Men’s Season High Handicap Series: Curtis Kenney (796) and Darryl Daigle (760)
—Individual Men’s Season High Handicap Game: Rick Sartwell and Anthony Falgout, 300 apiece
—Individual Men’s Season High Scratch Series: Stephen Buckner (742) and Jerry Pillaro (672)
—Individual Men’s Season High Scratch Game: Robert Rotolo (268) and Chris Mayon (232)
—Individual Women’s Season High Handicap Series: Tamara Aucoin (761) and Kristi Boudreaux (714)
—Individual Women’s Season High Handicap Game: Linsey Holliman (289) and Ashley Anthony (255)
—Individual Women’s Season High Scratch Series: Chrystal Harrison (495) and Kim Pillaro (467)
—Individual Women’s Season High Scratch Game: Faith Spinella (180) and Celeste Pipes (177)
—Individual Boys Handicap Series: Richard Sartwell (833) and Ryan Armond (826)
—Individual Boys Handicap Game: Zachary Stewart (298) and Shayne LaCoste Jr. (277)
—Individual Boys Scratch Series: Jonathan Spinella (666) and Zach Aucoin (623)
—Individual Boys Scratch Game: Devin Hidalgo (252) and Trevor Tong (210)
—Individual Girls Handicap Series: Caroline Owens (820) and Shi Granger (706)
—Individual Girls Handicap Game: Katelyn Anthony (273) and Cora Reed (261)
—Individual Girls Scratch Series: Meghan Amador (610) and Hannah Pipes (544)
—Individual Girls Scratch Game: Mackenzie Amador (220) and Jolie Boudreaux (156)


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