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Berwick looks for info on 2019 flood damage

The town of Berwick is requesting information from Country Club Estates residents as it seeks a Department of Transportation and Development grant to make flooding improve-ments in the subdivision.
Mayor Duval Arthur said that he made the final round for the grant and is seeking the information to strengthen the town’s case. He needs residents to submit dollar figures for their damage to include in his grant application.
“This looks better when you have infor-mation like that,” he said Tuesday.
Paperwork requesting information has been delivered to Country Club residents’ houses.
“I’m competing against other municipalities and parish governments, so that’s why I got to do all I can to make it to where it shows the need for it,” he said.
Arthur said he should know between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15 if the town receives the grant.
While the town previously applied for a hazard mitigation grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he said that fell through.
However, if the town received the grant, it would have cost about $700,000 as it requires a match.
“So even though it would have helped me, it would have cost me a lot of money to do the grant,” Arthur said.
The town, through its consultant Miller Engineers and Associates, has come up with a three-phase approach to help with flooding issues following last year’s flash floods, which caused significant flooding in the subdivision on two occasions — in early April and again in early June. In the June 7 event, more than 30 homes took in water.
Phase 1 already has been completed. It called for Hogan Street ditch improvements, including the removal of existing culverts within the existing ditch section and excavating a new open channel. While the estimated cost was pegged at $110,806, Arthur said the town completed the work with its own money for between $80,000 and $90,000.
Phases 2 won’t be complete until the money is secured for both Phase 2 and Phase 3.
Phase 2 is for drainage improvements along Pattie Drive and would include the removal of existing dual 48-inch culverts parallel to Pattie Drive and between the intersections with Hebert and Hogan streets. Some of the removed pipe would be reused to add a third 48-inch culvert beneath the crossings of Hebert and Hogan streets and an open channel would be constructed. The estimated cost for this plan is $315,768.50.
Phase 2 lowers water stage elevations within the Hogan and Palmer streets area, but it provides a rise in water surface elevation along Hebert Street due to the increase in flows.
Proposed improvement in Phase 3 is for storm sewer improvements. This improvement provides additional water con-veyance along Hogan, Palmer, Hebert and Jones streets.
It requires the installation of a subsurface drainage system on the opposite side of the streets where storm drains already exist. This plan will reduce water levels significantly along all streets affected. The estimated cost for this plan is $1.19 million.
Anyone with questions about the paperwork that residents need to complete to help the city with its grant should contact town hall at 985-384-8858.


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