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ACT scores up; schools await scores

St. Mary Parish public schools were to learn Thursday how well they performed in the state accountability system.
The local schools have already received some good news about how well high school students are doing.
The district composite score on the ACT was up half a point in 2017-18 and closed the gap by which the district trails the state composite score.
The 593 students who took the ACT had a composite score of 19.2 last year, up from 18.7 in 2016-17. Statewide, 43,696 students had a combined score of 19.3 last year, down from 19.6.
“Any change in ACT is commendable given the expansive nature of the content tested and its objective in determining college aptitude,” Assistant St. Mary Superintendent Teresa Bagwell said. “High schools are working to align course schedules in a manner whereby students have completed the higher level math and science courses prior to taking the ACT.
“This adjustment along with the more rigorous standards required in all grades has made our students better prepared overall.”
School by school in St. Mary, with the number of students tested in 2017-18, the score for last year and the score for 2016-17:
—Berwick High, 126, 20.9, 22.
—Centerville High, 34, 19.4, 17.3.
—Franklin High, 79, 16.8, 17.3.
—Morgan City High, 191, 19.1, 19.2.
—Patterson High, 96, 18.4, 16.9.
—West St. Mary High, 67, 17.9, 18.7.
Meanwhile, state education officials are preparing to release the latest data on how well child care centers and schools in Louisiana are educating children.
State Superintendent of Education John White is set to discuss the figures at a Thursday afternoon news conference.
The department says in a news release that the figures will detail how well state education institutions prepared students for “the next level of learning” during the last school year.
St. Mary has been within fractions of a point achieving an A letter grade for the last two years. But state education officials have raised the bar.
The standard for the test has been achieving the level of Basic on key subjects. The state has been transitioning to a higher standard requiring the level of Mastery.


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