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Spend the day doing what dad loves

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Find ways to make Father's Day special for first time dad's, too

Ways to make Father’s Day special

Father’s Day is Sunday.
Here are some ideas for those still on the fence about what to do or get for dad. Also included are some ideas for dad’s celebrating their first Father’s Day.
This year marks the 110th anniversary of this special day for dads. Even though Father’s Day began as a regional event in the state of Washington, nearly 60 years later it would be recognized as a national holiday across the United States.
Father’s Day also is commemorated elsewhere in the world at various times of the year. According to the most recent census data and statistics, there are 8.6 million fathers and father figures in Canada and 72 million in the United States.
The following are some ways to treat dads this Father’s Day.
Participate in his hobby
Dad likely has some favorite hobbies, such as playing a favorite sport, boating, hunting, woodworking or restoring a classic car.
Asking to join in to learn the ropes of his favorite hobby can be an ideal way to spend time with dad and show you care.
Tackle his chores
Provide dad a weekend off from his normal tasks around the house if they are within your skill set. Volunteer to mow the lawn, weed the garden, run for groceries, or get the car washed.
You also may want to help him finish a project he started but hasn’t yet completed.
Take in a show or a game
Maybe dad has a favorite team he follows or a comedian he loves to watch. Purchase tickets so you can go in person. If that’s not possible, make home viewing a special event by clearing a few hours of your schedule and setting up a comfortable viewing area. Make some special snacks and stream his favorite programming right at home.
Give him ‘his’ space
Dads often make sacrifices for their families, and this could mean compromising on his comfort and pleasure to ensure everyone else has what they need.
Create a spot that is entirely his own. This may involve renovating the basement or garage for hobbies or hanging out. Even a free-standing shed in the backyard can be billed as a ‘Dad Zone,’ giving your father a place to which he can retreat for some peace and quiet.
First time dads
Dads are often the first heroes in their young children’s lives. Dads chase away ghosts in the closet, let their daughters dance on their toes and teach their sons how to win the heart of their first crush.
The first Father’s Day a new dad spends with his growing family can be quite memorable, as celebrating one’s fatherhood for the first time is a unique and special time. Spouses and other family members can go the extra mile to make this year that much more special for first-time fathers.
—Let Dad sleep in. Chances are dad is enamored with his little bundle of joy, but it’s well-known that being a new parent often means sacrificing much needed sleep.
—Create a first-year memory book. Take the time to put together a scrapbook of the photos and moments baby and dad have gotten to spend together.
So much focus is often placed on a new baby and that may leave dad playing second or third fiddle. Make it clear that fathers are key to their children’s development and happiness, too.
—Make a baby keepsake. Use washable ink so that baby can sign a Father’s Day card with a hand or footprint. The tradition can be repeated year after year until the child is old enough to write.
—Go overboard on gifts. The idea isn’t to buy dad’s love, but dad’s first Father’s Day is a truly unique time. On behalf of his firstborn, purchase a few different gifts — those items that he has been interested in buying but has resisted in favor of saving money for new onesies and burp cloths.
—Boost his ego. Get matching T-shirts for baby and dad with cute memes and sayings, such as “Couch Potato” and “Tater Tot.”


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