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Use fireworks with proper precautions

Those who engage in personal firework use this Fourth of July are urged to do so properly and safely.
Consider the following safety tips whenever fireworks are included in the festivities.
—Purchase all fireworks, which can include everything from cone fountains to sparklers, from a licensed and reputable dealer.
—Read all instructions before lighting.
—Supervise all firework activities, making sure children do not light any fireworks.
—Avoid alcohol and drug use when lighting fireworks. Both can impair judgement and create hazardous conditions.
—Have safety equipment on hand. This includes safety glasses and ear protection.
—Do not light multiple fireworks at the same time.
—Use fireworks in a clearing far away from buildings and vehicles.
—Always have a hose or bucket of water available to douse fireworks.
—Soak “dud” fireworks in a bucket of water before discarding them. Wait 20 minutes before approaching the dud.
—Don’t point fireworks at people.
—Maintain a safe distance between those observing the fireworks show and the fireworks.
—Dispose of spent fireworks safely, away from combustible materials.


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