West St. Mary, Franklin win parish prep crowns

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BERWICK — Western St. Mary Parish high schools swept the St. Mary Parish High School Championship Relay Friday at Geisler Stadium as West St. Mary won the girls’ competition and Franklin High took top honors among boys’ teams.

West St. Mary scored 144 points for top honors, edging second-place Berwick by eight points.

In the boys’ competition, Franklin outdistanced second-place finisher Patterson, 164-107.

On the boys’ side, top individual awards went to Franklin’s Cedric Paul, who was named Field MVP, while Patterson’s Jonathan Jeffcoat earned Track MVP. Franklin’s Damien Williams was named Outstanding Performer.

Paul won the shot put, discus and javelin competitions. He tossed the shot put 54 feet, 5.5 inches, the discus, 144 feet, four inches and the javelin, 158 feet, four inches. Each of his finishes in these events was better than 10 feet more than his competition, including a nearly 30 feet advantage in the discus over the second place mark.

Jeffcoat finished second in the 800 meter run in 2:13.18, while he easily won the 1,600 meter run in 4:50.21 and was even more dominant in the 3,200 meter run in 10:47.77, beating his nearest competitor by more than a minute.

Williams won the 100 meter dash in 10.93 seconds, the 110 meter hurdles in 14.91 seconds — nearly a full second better than the meet’s second place finisher — and nearly beat the second-place finisher in the 300-meter hurdles by two seconds with a time of 42.53.

As for top awards on the girls’ side, West St. Mary’s Gentrell Wells was named Outstanding Field MVP, while Fabien Small and Wyneisha Jenkins, both of Franklin, were named Track MVPs. Central Catholic’s Meo Knight and West St. Mary’s Niashalin Brown earned Outstanding Performer honors.

Wells finished second in the shot put with a toss of 35 feet, 4 inches, fourth in the discus with a heave of 88 feet, and first in the javelin with a toss of 127 feet, three inches. Her javelin finish was nearly 40 feet better than the second-place mark.

On the track, she was part of West St. Mary’s second-place finish in the 4x100 meter relay, which finished in 52.84 seconds.

Small finished third in the 100 meter dash in 12.89 seconds, first in the 200-meter run in 26.5 seconds, and anchored Franklin’s winning 4x100 and 4x200 meter relays, which clocked in with times of 52.55 seconds and 1:49.68, respectively.

Jenkins finished in third place in the 200-meter dash with a time of 27.5, won the 400-meter run in 1:05.78 and ran a leg of Franklin’s winning 4x200 meter relay.

Knight won the long jump with a leap of 16 feet, nine inches and the triple jump with a mark of 5-feet, 6 inches. Her leap in the long jump was more than 1½ feet better than the second-place mark, while her leap in the high jump was nearly a foot better than the second-place finisher.

Brown won the 100-meter dash in 12.56 seconds and finished second in the 200-meter run in 27.13 seconds.

Below is a recap of all east St. Mary Parish finishes at the meet.

Women’s Events

100 Meter: fourth, Jaiveianna Jones, Morgan City High School, 13.24; sixth, Alessia Carbin, Central Catholic High School, 13.28

200 Meter: sixth, Jones, MCHS, 28.40

400 Meter: fourth, Tieriana Weary, MCHS, 1:08.71; fifth, Desherra Hines, Patterson High School, 1:10.90

800 Meter: first, Olivia Gilbert, Berwick High School, 2:54.90; fourth, Claire Parsiola, BHS, 3:08.53

1600 Meter: first, Tamara Chenevert, MCHS, 6:49.74; second, Parsiola, BHS, 6:51.18; third, Zoie Estay, BHS, 7:21.52

3200 Meter: first, Signe Parsiola, BHS, 14:50; second, Gilbert, BHS, 16:42

100 Hurdles: second, Naria Robinson, PHS, 17.98; fourth, Cari Powell, BHS, 18.38; fifth, Corrine Benandi, BHS, 18.71

300 Hurdles: first, Brittany Boudreaux, BHS, 53.77; second, Meya Moorse, MCHS, 54.92; third, N. Robinson, PHS, 55.33; sixth, Powell, BHS, 57.83

4x100 Relay: third, BHS, Relay A, Boudreaux, Shaquita Sylvester, Ajia Robinson, Khadijah Johnson, 54.35; sixth, PHS, Relay A, Melissa Lindsey, Alisha Bennett, N’Yati Verdin, Jamiri Brown, 55.48

4x200 Relay: fourth, MCHS, Relay, J. Jones, Brandy Jones, Chenevert, Ariel Trim, 1:54.40; fifth, BHS, Relay A, Boudreaux, Sylvester, Courtney Arthur, Robinson, 1:56.72; sixth, PHS, Relay A, Lindsey, Bennett, Hines, Brown, 2:00.46

4x400 Relay: first, MCHS, Relay, 4:45.97; fourth, PHS, Relay A, Verdin, Ashley West, Jasmine Roberson, Hines, 5:06.83; fifth, BHS, Relay A, Mary Margaret Sanford, Boudreaux, Samantha Billiot, Powell, 5:08.43

Shot Put: fourth, Lauren Delco, BHS, 28-6; fifth, Teiala Johnson, PHS, 26-10½; sixth, Anastasia Johnson, Central Catholic High School, 26-8

Discus: third, Nicole Arceneaux, BHS, 94-10; fifth, Carlie Boagni, CCHS, 72-4; sixth, Payton Benandi, BHS, 72-2

Javelin: fourth, Blake Orgeron, BHS, 79-8; fifth, Arceneaux, BHS, 75-8

Long Jump: first, Knight, CCHS, 16-9; third, K. Johnson, BHS, J14-10; fifth, Robinson, BHS, 14-1

Triple Jump: first, K. Johnson, BHS, 33-8½; fourth, Ashton Morales, BHS, 29-9¾

High Jump: first, Knight, CCHS, 5-6; fourth, Rebecca Richard, BHS, 4-4; fifth, C. Benandi, BHS, 4-2

Pole Vault: first, Alanna Dupuy, BHS, 7-0; second, Sarah Sanner, BHS, 4-6

Team scores

First, West St. Mary High, 144 points; second, BHS, 136; third, Franklin High, 101; fourth, MCHS, 41; fifth, Centerville High, 33; sixth, Hanson Memorial, 30; seventh, PHS and CCHS, 24

Men’s Events

100 Meter: third, Keshawn Smith, PHS, 11.15

200 Meter: third, Smith, PHS, 23.45; sixth, Tim Shelby, BHS, 24.32

400 Meter: first, Josiah Gier, BHS, 51.70; fourth, Marquis Rogers, BHS, 55.32; sixth, Luke Larive, PHS, 55.82

800 Meter: second, Jeffcoat, PHS, 2:13.18; third, Chad Vining, BHS, 2:16.84; fourth, Chaz Russo, BHS, 2:18.47; sixth, Kentrell Benjamin, PHS, 2:24.51

1600 Meter: first, Jeffcoat, PHS, 4:50.21; second, Sal Grizzaffi, CCHS, 5:14.88; third, Jason Cavalier, BHS, 5:23.39; fourth, Austin Doise, BHS, 5:26.41; fifth, Quenton Hill, PHS, 5:35.75

3200 Meter: first, Jeffcoat, PHS, 10:47.77; second, Grizzaffi, CCHS, 11:50.64; third, Jayce Rentrop, BHS, 12:05.39; fourth, Hill, PHS, 12:17; fifth, Doise, BHS, 12:22.05

110 Hurdles: third, Shae Ragas, PHS, 17.12; fourth, Lionel Langley, BHS, 18.46; fifth, Johnny Lombas, BHS, 20.18

300 Hurdles: second, Ragas, PHS, 44.42; fourth, Langley, BHS, 45.37; fifth, Lombas, BHS, 45.57

4x100 Relay: second, PHS, Relay A, Joe Duffie, Kendall Hunter, Smith, Larry Turner, 44.34; fourth, MCHS, Relay A, Buddy Humphries, Brett Lebouf, Jaylen Jones, Kevyon Marsh, 44.56; fifth, BHS, Relay A, Shelby, Braden Billiot, Jeremy Boudreaux, Justin Morvant, 47.70

4x200 Relay: first, MCHS, Relay A, Humphries, J. Jones, Marsh, Kolbi Chatman, 1:32.96; third, BHS, Relay A, Gier, Rogers, Joshua Miller, Vining, 1:33.85; fourth, PHS, Relay A, Duffie, Hunter, Smith, Turner, 1:34.88

4x400 Relay: second, BHS, Relay A, Gier, Vining, Rogers, Jason Cavalier, 3:42.74; fourth, PHS, Relay A, Hunter, Larive, Jedrick Gunner, Ragas, 3:50.36

Shot Put: second, Darryl Johnson, MCHS, 42-7½; third, Matthew Tregle, PHS, 42-6; fifth, Vincent Caruso, BHS, 39-2¼; sixth, David Brown, CCHS, 38-2½

Discus: second, Zach Aucoin, CCHS, 117-2; third, Courtlin Griffin, BHS, 114-9; fourth, Josh Engleton, BHS, 108-4; fifth, Devante Gabriel, MCHS, 103-10

Javelin: third, Larive, PHS, 133-9; fifth, Samuel Bergeron, BHS, 116-3; sixth, Zach Dupuy, BHS, 114-7

Long Jump: first, Chatman, MCHS, 18-8¼; third, Gunner, PHS, 19-1; fifth, Malcolm Watkins, MCHS, 17-9; sixth, Anthony Gant, PHS, 17-½

Triple Jump: second, Watkins, MCHS, 39-1; fourth, Gant, PHS, 38-0; fifth, Engleton, BHS, 34-4

High Jump: third, Watkins, MCHS, J5-4-0; fourth, Gant, PHS, J5-4-0; fifth, Benjamin, PHS, 5-2; sixth, J. Johnson, CCHS, 5-0

Pole Vault: first, John Maynard, BHS, J7-6.0; second, Jeremy Orgeron, BHS, J7-6.0

Team scores

First, Franklin High, 164; second, PHS, 107; third, BHS, 105; fourth, MCHS, 50; fifth, West St. Mary High, 46; sixth, Centerville High, 28½; seventh, CCHS, 25½; eighth, Hanson Memorial, 12.

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