Weather causes weekend power outages

Morgan City Utilities Director Bill Cefalu attributed weekend power outages to weather-related causes.

He attributed one power outage Sunday to a tree falling on power lines on Duke Street.

Cefalu said there were also “jumps” or connectors loose at Fifth and Verret streets which were repaired, resulting in the power being restored at about 7:45 a.m.

This power loss affected the areas of Federal Avenue, Brashear Ave. and La. 182 along the U.S. 90 corridor.

He said it took city employees a while to restore the power because they had to physically search for the cause of the problem, then cut down the tree shorting out the lines.

There was also a separate power outage over the weekend on Justa Street.

About 12 homes lost power after a fuse blew on a feeder line off the main line.

Cefalu attributed this loss to winds blowing loose lines and causing them to touch, resulting in blown fuses.

“This power outage was limited to a few homes,” he said. “We think the lines sagged and were tapping in the wind (Sunday) afternoon.”

Cefalu said power was restored after the fuses were replaced.

The utilities manager also said he had no idea why the newly installed state red light at the corner of Federal and Brashear avenues was blinking rather than operating properly.

He speculated lightning affected the electronics of the light, which is owned and installed by the state, but said he was not sure because the city is not allowed to address the problem.

“There is likely a problem with the electronics,” Cefalu said. “Morgan City supplies the electricity for the lights, but it is the state’s baby.”

He had no idea if and when the state was planning to address the light malfunction.

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