Warmer weather may mean more mosquitoes

This year has the potential to be an above normal year for mosquito activity, according to Jessie Boudreaux, owner of Cajun Mosquito Control LLC.

“Last year Tropical Storm Lee’s 10-inch plus rainfall and 6-foot storm surge produced a perfect mosquito hatch off of dormant mosquito eggs that were laid during past flooding events such as Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008,” Boudreaux said.

Generally, rainfall amounts and tropical systems have a great impact on whether large numbers of mosquitoes will be prevalent in any given year, and this winter the warmer temperatures are allowing for almost continuous mosquito breeding.

“We are seeing breeding in Franklin, Patterson, Morgan City, Cypremort Point and other areas that normally doesn’t occur until April or May,” Boudreaux said. “This is a phenomenon that is occurring all along the South Louisiana coast. ULV Truck spraying has begun: weather permitting.”

Boudreaux reminds residents to please do their part by removing standing water around homes and businesses. Take a proactive approach by draining unused swimming pools, cleaning gutters, and removing containers that may hold water; mosquitoes need water to reproduce.

Midge flies, (sometimes called blind mosquitoes) are about the same size as a mosquito. Crane flies, which are referred to as daddy long legs by locals, are a much larger species of insect. Each of these insects resemble a mosquito, although neither is an actual mosquito. But residents can prepare that these too will also be very active during 2012.

If anyone has a problem with identifying any of these insects they can call Cajun Mosquito Control at (985) 879-3677 or go to the website at cajunmosquitocontrol.com and email a spray request.

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