Vitter vows to battle Obamacare

MORGAN CITY, La. — U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-Metairie, is continuing to work to do anything necessary to stop the implementation of Obamacare, including working with union leaders who oppose the bill, while also fighting the immigration bill that passed the Senate, Vitter told local leaders and residents Tuesday.

Vitter said he is a “big opponent” of President Obama’s health care law and is for delaying, repealing, defunding, or anything that can be done to stop the implementation of it.

Passing a bill through the “Harry Reid Senate” to repeal Obamacare and then getting President Barack Obama to sign it would be extremely difficult, Vitter said.

Vitter said legislators need to, “at a minimum,” not allow Obama to pick and choose which parts of the law he wants to implement.

Delaying the employer mandate to provide insurance for their employees, but not delaying the individual mandate will push more people to the “federal government-dominated” insurance exchanges, Vitter said. “I don’t think that’s by accident just like I don’t think it’s an accident of Obamacare that it’s a push for more federal dominance of the whole health care sector,” Vitter said.

Vitter said he is trying to help get conservatives and union leaders to come together to emphasize the negative impact of Obamacare. About five weeks ago, several top union leaders wrote a letter to Democratic leaders that was “excoriating” about the negative impacts to them of Obamacare, he said. “It was truly an amazing letter given that it was coming from the unions,” Vitter said.

So far, that pushback from union leaders has not translated to votes in Congress, Vitter said.

Vitter also discussed immigration reform, and said the Senate, despite his objection, passed the “Gang of Eight Bill,” led by four Republicans and four Democrats, he said.

Vitter was an active opponent of the bill because the bill is the same, failed model that has been tried several times, he said. “To me, that model has amnesty now, enforcement, maybe, much later,” Vitter said. “I’ve seen that movie before, and I don’t care for the ending because it doesn’t fix anything. It makes the problem worse.”

The U.S. needs to start with enforcement, and convince “the American people that we’re doing something real before we do anything,” Vitter said.

Though the immigration bill passed through the Senate, it has not passed the House, which the majority is much closer to his view on the issue, he said.

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