Tri-City Relays are held in Patterson

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Berwick’s girls and Patterson’s boys won the Tri-City Relays April 9 at Patterson High School.

In the girls’ division, Berwick totaled 112 point, easily distancing itself from second-place Central Catholic, who scored 67 points.

CCHS’ Meo Knight was named Field MVP, while teammate Paige Johnson was named Outstanding Performer.

Morgan City’s Kailyn Turner and Berwick’s Olivia Gilbert were named Track MVPs.

In the boys’ competition, Patterson blew by the competition as it recorded 110 points in its first-place finish.

Patterson’s Jonathan Jeffcoat was named Track MVP, while teammate Lorenzo Phillips was named Outstanding Performer.

CCHS’ Zach Aucoin was chosen Field MVP.

Knight finished first in the long jump (17-feet, 10.5 inches) and high jump (4-8), while Johnson won the 200- meter dash (27.06) and finished second in the 100-meter dash (13.15).

Turner won the 100-meter dash (12.94) and finished second in the 200-meter dash (27.61).

Gilbert won the 800-meter run and 3,200-meter run with times of 2:51.57 and 15.57, respectively.

Jeffcoat won the 800-, 1,600- and 3,200-meter runs. His 800-meter time was 2:14.68, while his 1,600-meter and 3,200-meter times were 5:05.16 and 11:36.08, respectively.

Phillips won the shot put and javelin with heaves of 45-5 and 161.2 and placed third in the discus with a toss of 111-2.5

He also won the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 44.03.

Aucoin won the discus with a toss of 113-8 and finished third in the shot put with a toss of 37-3.

Below is a recap of the action.

Girls’ Events

Team totals: first, Berwick High School, 112 points; second, Central Catholic High School, 67; third, Patterson High School, 31; fourth, Morgan City High School, 28

Shot put: first, Dorisha Colar, BHS, 30-2½; second, Lauran Delco, BHS, 28-10½; third, Tori Grogan, PHS, 28-9; fourth, Tatiyana Gray, MCHS, 25-9; fifth, Anastasia Johnson, CCHS, 25-8

Discus: first, Nicole Arceneaux, BHS, 85-8; second, Anastasia Bergeron, BHS, 76-6; third, Maria Templet, CCHS, 75-1; fourth, Jamila Tate, PHS, 74-7; fifth, Corlie Boagni, CCHS, 69-10

Javelin: first, Tye Williams, PHS, 98; second, Bethany Loupe, BHS, 80-10; third, Bergeron, BHS, 75-11; fourth, Makayla McDaniel, CCHS, 66-9; fifth, Erica Barthelemy, PHS, 54-10

Long jump: first, Knight, CCHS, 17-10½; second, Chynna Williams, PHS, 15-3½; third, Khaduah Johnson, BHS, 14-11; fourth, Melissa Lindsey, PHS, 14-10½; fifth, Alaina Beiza, BHS, 14-1

Triple jump: first, Johnson, BHS, 34-2; second, Geralyn Garrett, CCHS, 31-5; third, Williams, PHS, 30-11½; fourth, Claudia Fine, PHS, 28-9½

High jump: first, Knight, CCHS, 4-8; second, Rebecca Richard, BHS, 4-6; third, Sara Sanner, BHS, 4-4

Pole vault: first, Sanner, BHS, 4

4x200-meter relay: first, CCHS 1:49.52; second, MCHS 1:52.53; third, PHS 1:57.27

1,600-meter run: first, Morgan Mitchell, BHS, 7:03.52; second, Kennedi Breaux, CCHS, 7:25.38; third, Sarah Rentrop, BHS, 8:16.61

100-meter hurdles: first, Karlie Matherne, BHS, 18.21; second, Cari Powell, BHS, 20.38; third, McDaniel, CCHS, 21.24; fourth, Jasmine Roberson, PHS, 21.95

100-meter dash: first, Turner, MCHS, 12.94; second, Johnson, CCHS, 13.15; third, Alessia Carbin, CCHS, 13.34; fourth, Jamiri Brown, MCHS, 13.55; fifth, Javienna Jones, MCHS, 13.70

800-meter run: first, Gilbert, BHS, 2:51.57; second, Brittany Boudreaux, BHS, 3:03.02

4x100-meter relay: first, CCHS 50.8; second, MCHS 53.29; third, BHS 55.24

400-meter dash: first, Ke’Aira Turner, CCHS, 1:08.98; second, McDaniel, CCHS, 1:09.63; third, Hannah Pitre, BHS, 1:13.43; fourth, Courtney Arthur, BHS, 1:14.75; fifth, Dayshara Hines, PHS, 1:17.02

300-meter hurdles: first, Boudreaux, BHS, 59.06; second, Carley Hebert, BHS, 1:00.98

200-meter dash: first, Johnson, CCHS, 27.06; second, Turner, MCHS, 27.61; third, Brandy Jones, MCHS, 29.14; fourth, Garrett, CCHS, 28.05; fifth, Fine, PHS, 29.61

3,200-meter run: first, Gilbert, BHS, 15:57; second, Bergeron, BHS, 19:59

4x400-meter relay: first, BHS 5:04; second, MCHS 5:36

Boys’ Events

Team totals: first, PHS, 110; second, BHS, 66; third, MCHS, 47; fourth, CCHS, 43

Shot put: first, Phillips, PHS, 45-5; second, Matthew Tregle, PHS, 41-6; third, Aucoin, CCHS, 37-3; fourth, Joseph Jones, MCHS, 36-5½; fifth, Caleb Griffin, BHS, 35-3½

Discus: first, Aucoin, CCHS, 113-8; second, Tregle, PHS, 111-9; third, Phillips, PHS, 111-2½; fourth, Devontae Gabriel, MCHS, 109; fifth, Josh Engleton, BHS, 105-7

Javelin: first, Phillips, PHS, 161-2; second, Luke Larive, PHS, 138; third, McKenzie Beasley, BHS, 137-1; fourth, Garrett LeBlanc, CCHS, 117-11; fifth, Samuel Bergeron, BHS, 102-5

Long jump: first, Lloyd Grogan, CCHS, 20-9½; second, Earl Andrews, PHS, 19; third, Chet Adydan, BHS, 138-8; fourth, Jedrick Gunner, PHS, 18-7½; fifth, Kendall Robinson, CCHS, 18-3½

Triple jump: first, Malcolm Watkins, MCHS, 40-2½; second, Brent Green, CCHS, 38-10½; third, Gunner, PHS, 38-5½; fourth, Adydan, BHS, 36-7½

High jump: first, Robinson, CCHS, 6-2; second, Daylon Charlot, PHS, 6; third, Traylon Jennings, PHS, 5-10; fourth, Josh Engleton, BHS, 5-6; fifth, Bradley Riley, BHS, 5-2

Pole vault: first, Austin Gray, BHS, 8-6; second, Bryce Benedietto, BHS, 7

4x200-meter relay: first, PHS 1:32.03; second, MCHS 1:35.01; third, CCHS 1:36.62

1,600-meter run: first, Jeffcoat, PHS, 5:05.16; second, Bryce Mayon, BHS, 5:15.67; third, Aaron Lecompte, BHS, 5:23.14; fourth, Sal Grizzaffi, CCHS, 5:32.52; fifth, Treshaun Nunez, MCHS, 5:46.07

110-meter hurdles: first, Andrews, PHS, 15.60; second, Travis Romero, MCHS, 16.96; third, Adydan, BHS, 17.29; fourth, Dylan Chellette, MCHS, 17.32; fifth, Devin Tabor, BHS, 18.08

100-meter dash: first, Laron Todd, PHS, 10.94; second, Tierell Jones, MCHS, 11.15; third, Grogan, CCHS, 11.37; fourth, Josh Miller, BHS, 11.69; fifth, Charlot, PHS, 11.73

800-meter run: first, Traylin Jennings, PHS, 2:08.45; second, Romero, MCHS, 2:14.30; third, Jeffcoat, PHS, 2:14.68; fourth, Chad Vining, BHS, 2:17.56; fifth, Lecompte, BHS, 2:25.83

4x100-meter relay: first, CCHS 44.38; second, PHS 44.64; third, MCHS 45.59

400-meter run: first, Kiyan Jones, PHS, 51.65; second, Josiah Gier, BHS, 53.4; third, Ricky Moore, MCHS, 54.5; fourth, Kendall Hunter, PHS, 55.75; fifth, Dean LeBlanc, BHS, 1:00.25

300-meter hurdles: first, Phillips, PHS, 44.03; second, Adydan, BHS, 44.07; third, Andrews, PHS, 45.29; fourth, Chellette, MCHS, 45.93; fifth, Tabor, BHS, 46.39

200-meter dash: first, Jones, MCHS, 22.62; second, Todd, PHS, 22.93; third, Brett LeBoeuf, MCHS, 24.03; fourth, Timothy Shelby, BHS, 24.84; fifth, Josh Miller, BHS, 25.47

3,200-meter run: first, Jeffcoat, PHS, 11:36.08; second, Mayon, BHS, 11.42.77; third, Lecompte, BHS, 12:03.02; fourth, Grizzaffi, CCHS, 12:57

4x400-meter relay: first, PHS, 3:43.13; second, BHS, 3:53.20

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