St. Mary Golf Club of Berwick takes Ryder Cup

The recently held Ryder Cup golf matches held between The Belleview Golf Club of Franklin and St. Mary’s Golf Club of Berwick ended with the Berwick club taking the team title. The tournament was a first of its kind between the two clubs, who wanted to not only compete in golf, but form a relationship between the two clubs and their members. The tournament was a two day event held on Saturday at St. Mary’s with a morning round featuring 16 matches of best ball and alternating shot formats. The event was a huge success as 24 members from each club participated including 12 seniors ranging in age from 60 to 78. Each club also had 12 members who ranged in age from 17 to 59.

Team members from St. Mary included seniors: Tiger Rodrigue, Kirk Eves, Jim Williams, Bill Cefallu, Jim Arnold, Bruce Broussard, D.J. Aucoin, Henry Giroir, Jim Rabideaux, Louis Hall, Lloyd Davis and Robert Primeaux. The members of the champions group included: Cliff Coture, C.J. Lagarde, Dale Robicheaux, Lonnie Blanchard, Ronnie Ratcliff, Byron Carline, Mike Kapp, Jon Patterson, Chris Bertaut, Chad Ross, Gregg Millett and Steve Russo.

The Belleview team consisted of seniors: Charlie Ibert, Charles Judice, Mickey Michel, Jules Hebert, Ralph Longman, Doug Frederick, Lou McCormick, Murphy Pontiff, Dave Williams, Junious Granger, Johnny Sanchez and Anthony Sinitere. The Belleview’s champions team consisted of: Bobby McDonald, Ty Burdett, Robbie Senette, Bob Senette, Dale Rogers, Brandon Burdett, Garrett Burns, Bret Senette, Bryant Tibbs, David Arboneaux, Tim Curry and Tony Sinitere.

In Saturday’s 2-man best ball and alternating shot competition, St. Mary’s took a commanding 13-3 lead on the first day of competition. Almost all of the matches were very close and came down to the last 2 or 3 holes with St. Mary’s taking the lead. The teams from The Belleview that were victorious were: Dale Rogers and Bryant Tibbs, Brandon Burdett and Garrett Burns and Charlie Ibert and Dave Williamson.

Sunday’s singles matches were held at The Belleview. There were a total of 24 matches played with each team taking 12 points. Players for The Belleview that were victorious were seniors Dave Williamson, Ralph Longman, Doug Frederick and Jules Hebert. On the champions team the victors were Bryant Tibbs, Tony Sinitere, Garrett Burns, Bob Senette, Robbie Senette and Bobby McDonald. Dale Rogers, David Arboneaux, Tim Curry and Ty Burdett all tied their matches to earn a half point.

Final results for both days are as follows. In the 2-man best ball competition Tiger Rodrigue and Kirk Eves defeated Junious Granger and Johnny Sanchez, Jim Williams and Bill Cefalu defeated Ralph Longman and Anthony Sinitere, Jim Arnold and Bruce Broussard defeated Mickey Michel and Jules Hebert, DJ Aucoin and Henry Giroir defeated Dave Williamson and Charlie Ibert, Cliff Couture and CJ Lagarde defeated Brandon Burdett and Garrett Burns, Dale Rogers and Bryant Tibbs defeated Dale Robicheaux and Lonnie Blanchard, Ronnie Ratcliff and Byron Carline defeated Robbie and Bob Senette and Mike Kapp and Chris Bertaut defeated Bobby McDonald and Ty Burdett. In the 2-man alternating shot Dave Williamson and Charlie Ibert defeated Jim Rabideaux and Louis Hall, Tiger and Kirk defeated Junious and Johnny, Jim and Lloyd defeated Charles and Anthony, Robert and Henry defeated Mickey and Jules, Brandon and Garrett defeated Jon and Chad, CJ and Ronnie defeated Dale and Bryant, Chris and Greg defeated Robbie and Bret and Mike and Byron defeated Bobby and Ty. St. Mary’s collected 13 points on the day to take a commanding 13-3 lead heading into the singles matches to be played on Sunday at the Belleview. The Belleview players made a good comeback earning 12 points to make the final tally a respectable 25 -15. In singles matches Tiger defeated Charlie, Kirk defeataed Mickey, Henry defeated Junious, Dave defeated Robert, Ralph defeated Jim R., Doug defeated Louis, Jim W. defated Anthony, Bill defeated Johnny, Jim A. defeated Charlie, Jules defeated Bruce, DJ defeated Murphy, Lloyd defeated Lou, Bryant defeated Cliff, CJ defeated Brandon, Tony defeated Dale, Jon defeated Bret, Garrett defeated Chad, Bob defeated Chris, Robbie defeated Ronnie and Bobby defeated Mike.

Both teams had a great time and look forward to the rematch next year. If you want to enjoy good golf and meet great people check into one of your local clubs. You will be glad you did. Both clubs wish to thank the cooks who prepared the meals for the players. At St. Mary’s Rodney LeBlanc made delicious hamburgers and at The Belleview Steven Baudoin prepared jambalaya and white beans that people are still talking about. Also, a special thanks goes out to rules chairman Cheyenne Burns who kept everyone laughing and on their toes.

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