Prospect of bargains lures shoppers back to stores

MORGAN CITY, La. — Local stores did not see a large number of after-Christmas returns, according to some store owners and managers.

“We haven’t experienced a great deal of returns,” said Scott Glenn, owner of Joe’s Boots in Morgan City. “We always have some returns, but people normally know what size they wear,” Glenn said.

Joe’s Boots’ return rate is around 1 percent, he said. “It’s real low.”

Billy Giordano, owner of Alumni Shop for Him and Her, also said people seem to know what sizes of clothing they wear and do not need to return them. “I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I don’t get a lot of exchanges like I did when I started,” Giordano said.

When people do return items, a lot of times people end up exchanging something and then buying something else in addition, Giordano said. “It’s always good to be open the day after Christmas,” he said.

Cato’s clothing store in Bayou Vista has seen fewer returns because sales were also lower, said store manager Lashana Merritt. “They’re returning things they particularly don’t need,” she said. She said the store saw sales of about $20,000 the week before Christmas in 2012 compared to about $28,000 the week before Christmas in 2011.

Most of the returns the store is getting are from people who feel they overspent for the holidays, Merritt said.

Cato’s also did a day-after-Christmas sale this year to encourage customers to come into the store, she said.

“I think that’s the reason we did it is because, two years ago, we stopped doing it the day after Christmas. And I think the sales dropped from not doing it right after Christmas,” she said.

“People are looking for after-Christmas sales. If they ask you what’s on mark down, and you tell them nothing, then they go back out the door,” she said. Before Christmas, shoppers are not as worried about prices as they are after Christmas, she said.

Giordano said it is good to do a day-after-Christmas sale if a store has the staff to do it, but, for a small store like the Alumni Shop, getting the staff needed to do it is difficult. “We normally wait a few days and then have our big sale,” Giordano said.

Not all stores do after-Christmas sales. Joe’s Boots does not have an after-Christmas sale, Glenn said.

“We do all our sales prior to Christmas,” Glenn said, adding that the store has a sale from Thanksgiving to Christmas. “We still have normal days after Christmas, no doubt. There’s definitely not a Christmas rush, but we still pay the bills,” he said.

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