POWERBALL DREAMS -- Ticket sales soar here as jackpot passes $500 million

MORGAN CITY, La. — Powerball sales are on the rise in anticipation of a half-billion- dollar jackpot drawing tonight, and local players are making big plans for the money they hope to win.

Kim Guarisco, an employee of the City of Patterson, was on her way to the Wag-A-Pak in Patterson to buy tickets for 14 people in her office who pooled their money together. While they joked that the doors to city hall would be closed Thursday if they won, in seriousness, she said her co-workers dreamed of sharing the winnings with their families.

Many wanted to buy homes for their parents or take care of their children’s futures. Guarisco said she would make charitable donations.

On The Daily Review’s Facebook page, readers chimed in with many similar dreams. Most were along the lines of Freda Kinkle’s wish, “We’re gonna pay off bills and take care of our family. We’re gonna do everything we’ve been wanting to do.”

Sherry Elliott Ordoyne said she would “Buy each of my parents a house because theirs is falling apart, buy a house for myself, set up college funds for the kids, put them in a better school, open some kind of charity kitchen where we cook for the people that can’t afford it for Thanksgiving and Christmas and, last, take a vacation because I have never had one.”

Traci Anslem Bruno had dreams of helping others. “After I tithed, I would get me out of debt. Then, I would play Santa! There are plenty of people that need help, and I want to be a blessing to others.”

Dreams like these spur ticket sales and drive up the jackpot to its current level.

Dean Duplantis, owner of the Stazione’s convenience stores, said his two locations that sell lottery tickets — Ditch Avenue in Morgan City and Berwick — sold $3,000 of Powerball tickets Tuesday. While “yesterday was way higher than normal,” he anticipated an even busier day today, especially around lunch and 5 p.m. when people get off of work.

His busiest day, however, was earlier this year when the Mega Millions snuck its way up over a $600 million benchmark. His two stores sold a combined $7,500 of tickets on March 30, Duplantis said.

“This gets people excited,” he said.

Any time the jackpot rises above $300 million, sales rise.

“If they don’t win this, Saturday should be crazy,” Duplantis said.

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