Patterson board adopts saggy pants ordinance

The Patterson City Council unanimously passed four ordinances during Tuesday’s monthly meeting, including one that will levy fines against those caught in the city limits wearing saggy pants below their waist that reveal undergarments or skin.

Under the saggy pants law, effective 10 days after a notice of its passage is published in The Daily Review — the city’s official journal — those caught wearing pants below their waist that reveal their undergarments or skin will be fined $197 — $158.50 for the fine and $38.50 in court costs.

Originally, the ordinance stated that violators would:

—Pay a fine less than $100 and complete up to one eight-hour day picking up trash or other court-approved com-munity service activities for a first offense.

—Pay up to $150 in fines and complete up to two eight-hour days picking up trash or court-approved community service activities for a second offense.

—Pay up to a $250 fine and complete up to four eight-hour days picking up trash or performing other court-approved community services activities for a third offense.

However, during Tuesday’s meeting, the council agreed to amend the proposed ordinance to include the $197 court fine. If problems persist and the fine does not solve the problem, then the matter will be brought back before the council for consideration of adding increased fines and community service hours.

“Let your family members know that (are) coming from out of town (that) that’s not a way of life in Patterson,” Grogan said moments after the ordinance passed.

The law mimics a similar one on the books in Shreveport.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the council amended and re-enacted ordinances pertaining to loud sound within the city and enacted an ordinance related to pit bulls and vicious dogs.

In the loud sounds ordinance, violators could be fined if “sound produced by radio, television, loudspeakers, musical equipment or devices” is within an audible distance of 75 feet or more of a vehicle or dwelling.

The ordinance was amended from the original 50 feet that was proposed.

Fines for the ordinance also were amended from:

—One hundred dollars for first offense and $500 for second offense and/or imprisoned for less than 30 days to a $165 fine — $104.50 for the fine and $60.50 in court costs.

There are exceptions to the ordinance, such as a warning device, outdoor concert, a carillon or bell used at a church, synagogue or school, and publicly owned buildings, structures or vehicles. There will be temporary permits available for $20.

Also, if a neighbor’s permission is granted for such instances as a party, the loud music is permissible.

Fines, as with the saggy pants ordinance, are subject to change if conditions don’t improve after its enactment.

The third ordinance introduced was the vicious dogs ordinance. A vicious dog is defined as “any dog that, when provoked, bites or attacks a human being or other animal either on public or private property or in a vicious or terrorizing manner …”

The change during Tuesday’s meeting merged the newly enacted pitbull ordinance with the vicious dog ordinance.

An owner found in violation will be fined up to $500 for the first offense. For a second offense, the owner will be fined between $300 and $500. An owner found in violation a third time will be fined $500 and the vicious dog will be taken into custody by the City of Patterson and transferred to St. Mary Parish.

All three ordinances will be enacted 10 days after they are published in The Daily Review.

In other action Tuesday, Grogan reminded citizens that the city does have curfew laws for minors and they will be enforced. The city’s ordinance states that those under age 17 must be off the street between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Sunday through Friday and must remain indoors between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. on Saturdays.

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