New voter ID cards coming due to some precinct changes

Redistricting of the St. Mary Parish Council districts has been implemented by the St. Mary Parish Registrar of Voters.

All voters have been assigned to new council districts and will be receiving new voter identification cards in the mail. Maps of all the parish council districts are available at the Registrar of Voters office on the third floor of the parish courthouse.

Prior to the parish redistricting the Registrar of Voters completed a plan to re-align precinct boundaries and re-number all precincts starting at Cypremort Point and ending in Amelia. These new precinct lines went into effect on July 1.

Voters will see changes on their voter ID cards showing their new precinct numbers as well as their new parish council districts. Some polling locations have also changed and those changes will be reflected on the ID cards as well.

Polling locations that are no longer being used include the Immaculate Conception Church Hall in Charenton, J.A. Hernandez Elementary in Franklin and Hattie Watts Elementary in Patterson. New polling locations include the Baldwin Community Service Center, St. Moses Baptist Church in Sorrell, Centerville High School, Patterson Branch Library and the Hilton Rebardi Sr. Fire Station in Berwick.

Because seven new precincts were created for the parish redistricting plan, some polling locations will have multiple precincts. Most notably, Raintree Elementary School in Baldwin will have three precincts located there, precincts 6, 6A and 7. Other polling locations with multiple precincts include:

St. Moses Baptist Church – Precincts 5 and 5A; Franklin Senior High – Precincts 14 and 15; St. Mary Parish Alternative School – Precincts 23 and 23A; Patterson Senior High – Precincts 24 and 24A; Patterson Civic Center – Precincts 25 and 25A; Pharr Methodist Church Hall – Precincts 41 and 41A; and Sumpter Williams Branch Office – Precincts 42 and 42A.

The new voter ID cards also reflect the new state representative districts. Some precincts in Morgan City that were previously in Representative District 51 are now in District 50. There were no other districts that changed.

There is a small group of voters that will not be getting new voter ID cards just yet. The parish council was notified that the American Legion Home in Franklin will no longer be available to be used as a polling location and a change is in the works to move that location to the St. Joseph Baptist Church on Irish Bend Road.

The new voter ID cards will not be mailed out to those voters until the change receives pre-clearance from the U.S. Department. of Justice. This precinct includes voters in the St. Joseph community and also voters along Irish Bend Road. It was previously Precinct 16, but will now be Precinct 12 because of the re-numbering.

Any voter, excluding those in Precinct 12 mentioned above, who does not receive a new voter ID card within the next two weeks should contact the Registrar of Voters office at (337) 828-4100, ext. 360. Voters in Precinct 12 will receive their new ID cards as soon as the polling location change gets pre-clearance.

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