New fire station in Baldwin near done

It’s been a fruitful year for Baldwin, and largely for fire protection and flood control ventures.

Mayor Wayne Breaux said that the new fire station is “our main project for 2012.”

Located at the former Baldwin Elementary School, the new station will house six units from fire trucks to rescue units, “as well as have some office area. It’s being constructed to tie into two of the former classrooms and cafeteria. That’ll be used for training and meeting space. That project is being funded by a $1 million capital outlay grant from the state. It’s about 70 to 75 percent complete.”

Baldwin is also continuing development of the Bayou Choupique flood protection system, funded by $1 million in the Community Development Block Grant - Municipal Infrastructure program.

Breaux said the engineering for the system has begun and the footprint of the protection levee has been identified. Property owners are in negotiation for rights of way.

“We hope to complete that in the next 30 to 60 days and construction should start slightly thereafter,” Breaux said.

The town is wrapping up its house rehabilitation project. “We’ve completed three houses this past year,” Breaux said. “We tentatively have two set to go but we have to clear a little paperwork first. We hope to get those two started shortly, as well as another demolition.”

A fire substation is in the works, to be located beneath the U.S. 90 overpass south of the town at Martin Luther King Street.

“We have met with the state and I have formally requested to locate it in the right of way,” Breaux said. “We have a $35,000 grant from the Local Governmental Assistance state program. We hope to also request funds from the port commission to assist with that because the facility will service the port area” of the industrial park facility on the Charenton Navigation and Drainage Canal.

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