Morgan City police to use bicycles as a vehicle to make community connections

MORGAN CITY, La. — Beginning Saturday, several Morgan City police officers will begin patrolling the city on bicycles in an effort to meet more people within the community, said Police Chief Travis Crouch.

The bicycle patrol will make its way around the city a couple times a week, Crouch said.

The hours officers patrol on bicycles will vary between morning and late afternoon, he said. “What they’re going to do is go in every neighborhood in Morgan City as well as businesses,” Crouch said.

The officers will be able to write tickets or respond to incidents if they can safely flag someone down or call another unit to respond, he said. “It’s mainly to get out there just meeting with the public,” Crouch said. Officers will introduce themselves and ask residents what they can do to help, he said.

Crouch said the bicycle patrol is going to be a precursor to setting up a neighborhood watch program to get the community used to seeing officers on the streets talking to people. Crouch said he does not plan to announce the specific times when bicycle patrol officers will be patrolling.

Crouch is also working with city councilmen to set up public meetings in each district to see what concerns and issues residents want to see addressed, he said. At those meetings, he will also find out which residents are interested in the neighborhood watch program.

Crouch will be part of the neighborhood watch program himself. As part of the program, police will teach residents, who join the neighborhood watch program, what to look for, Crouch said.

Crouch said residents post suspicious activity they see on Facebook. “Facebook can’t help you. Call the police if you see something suspicious,” he said.

“I’d rather you call me and we have nothing than not call us and something happens,” Crouch said. “People don’t have to be afraid to call the police. This is our job. This is what we do.”


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