Morgan City officials say Lake End Parkway cabin floors ‘buckling’

MORGAN CITY, La. — The “buckling” in the floors of the three Lake End Parkway cabins has grown worse over the past few months since the cabins opened, so bad in one of the cabins, that the city may have to close it, according to city officials.

Morgan City Recreation and Culture Director Dwayne Barbier said the welts in the floors started getting worse within the last two months. “We actually had issues when they were first built before we even opened them,” Barbier said.

In the cabin where the bumps in the floors are worst, workers came in, took the tiles up, replaced the plywood underneath the floor, and “everything seemed to be fine,” Barbier said. Within the past couple months the buckling in the floors has gotten really bad, Barbier said.

The city has contacted the contractor and architect in writing, Mayor Frank “Boo” Grizzaffi said. LA Contractors in Thibodaux is the contractor, and Carl P. Blum is architect.

Barbier said city officials are not sure what the cause of the buckling may be, and do not know when they can be repaired.

However, Grizzaffi said city officials are looking for the issues to be addressed immediately.

Barbier said, “What we’re fearful of it that it’s going to get too bad to allow people to come in.”

However, right now, all three cabins are still open, he said.

The three cabins opened in May and cost about $1 million. The city has received another $1 million in state capital outlay money to build more cabins at Lake End Parkway. A total of 18 cabins are included in the Atchafalaya Basin Master Plan for the parkway. The three cabins that are already built are under a one-year warranty with the contractor and architect who built them, Barbier said.

Barbier met with the contractor about a month ago, and he sent the contractor dates for when cabins were available to be repaired. Barbier has not heard back from the contractor yet on when the cabins could be repaired, he said. “We’re going to try to contact them again and see what the holdup is and try and get them here as soon as possible.”

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