McCoy, mayor and council debate funding yet again

Third Ward Court Marshal David McCoy says his office is under funded, slighted by the city and alludes politics might be the reason.

McCoy told the mayor and council Tuesday that “I’ve been asking for meetings, over and over, for the parish and city to come together, and try to give me a hand in running my office in a professional manner. Seems like that couldn’t be done.”

The marshal’s office is funded by the parish and the city on a population based percentage.

With the 2010 census, that percentage has been redefined.

McCoy said the parish was paying 23 percent and the city 77 percent of the Third Ward’s costs.

After the last census, that has changed to 34 percent for the city and 66 percent for the parish.

McCoy said the marshal and chief deputy must be paid by the prescribed funding. Other employees are a point of contention.

He said the new formula would be $10,000 a year less for the city, but more for the parish.

“That leaves another part time salary that would sure help me,” he said.

McCoy said the building has black mold in it and other problems. He noted that Mayor Raymond Harris sent city staff over to the marshal’s office to address the problem.

He asserts that Harris sent him a letter telling him he had to cut two persons from his office.

Harris disagreed. “I sent you a letter having budget workshops and that you might want to be present because this is the amount you would be funded in the coming year,” he said. “Which had been less. I sent that in writing, which is what you requested, addressed to you…whether or not to get rid of (the employees), that’s your call.”

A long debate between McCoy and Harris ensued, resolving little.

“Is there some specific action you want the council to take tonight?” Harris asked.

“I want it to be dead right,” McCoy said. “Funding for my office and everything I used to have should be put back.”

There will be a finance committee meeting in the near future, Harris said, and McCoy should be there.

He also said he will help arrange a meeting with himself, McCoy and the parish president.

“I wish council members would take a stand of what you think is right,” McCoy said. “Not what the mayor says is right, not what another councilman says is right, what you think is right.”

Councilman Joe Garrison defended himself against McCoy’s allegation that he doesn’t vote his own mind.

“I stand alone,” Garrison said. “My record’s shown that I have supported the marshal’s office.”

McCoy said “let’s stop punishing people because they don’t support you in elections. You guys did that to me, because you told me right to your face. You didn’t tell me what you were going to do, but you told me you didn’t like what I did. I stayed neutral because I didn’t want to get involved in that election. But it was a hurtful thing, when family told me, some of y’all family, friends told me, then I spoke to y’all about it.”

Harris repeated his request for exact demands McCoy had.

McCoy said there should be meetings with the public to find out “what citizens need.”

“Specifically what is it you need,” Harris repeated.

“I thought I was on the agenda, Mr. Mayor?” McCoy demanded.

“You’re on the agenda giving us a lecture, that’s good and fine, but specifically, what is it you need? We have other things tonight,” Harris said.

McCoy said he also wants to meet with the mayor and the police of chief because “there are some problems and we need to work it out.”

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