Lumberjack Relays results released

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Berwick Junior High School’s girls and Patterson Junior High School’s boys took home team titles at the PJH Lumberjack Relays on March 27.

The Berwick girls dominated the competition with 158.5 points, nearly 100 more than second-place finisher, Franklin High School, who totaled 65.

Berwick also swept the MVP awards as Corine Benandi was selected field MVP, while Zoie Estay was named track MVP.

Benandi earned the honors after winning the triple jump (25-feet, 7 inches) and the high jump (4-2) and placing third in the long jump (13-4½).

Estay was named track MVP after winning the 1,600 meter run (7:06.35), the 800 meter run (3:09.85) and placing second in the 3,200 meter run (17:07).

On the boys’ side, the Patterson squad easily won the event with a 157 to 103 point advantage against Berwick.

While it may not have won the meet, Berwick’s boys swept the MVP honors, as well. Lionel Langley was named the boys’ field MVP, and Austin Doise earned track MVP honors.

Langley won the discus competition (110-2), placed second in the shot put (37-2) and finished third in the 400 meter (1:00.6)

Doise won the 800-meter run (2:29.88) and finished second in the 1,600 meter run (5:36.49) and 3,200 meter run (12:50).

In addition to Berwick’s four first-place finishes recorded by its girls’ MVPs, the Lady Panthers also earned top honors in the discus (Kayla Francise, 77-10), the 400 meter dash (Arian Wiggins, 1:13.92) and the 3,200 meter run (Kloey Cuvillier, 14:36).

Other first-place finishers included Patterson’s Gaylon Grogan in the shot put (30-7) and Erykah Singleton in the 100-meter hurdles (18.17) and 300-meter hurdles (59.71).

Boys’ champion Patterson recorded several first place finishes, led by Brennan Gouaux, who won the 1,600-meter run (5:09.42) and 3,200 meter run (11:57.9).

Other PJHS top performers included: DJ Jones, long jump (18-4.75); Cameron Augustine, triple jump (33-1.5); Shae Ragas, 300-meter hurdles (45.32); and 4x100 meter relay (47.47).

Morgan City’s Kenan Jones also placed first in the high jump with a leap of 5-8.

Below are a recap of all results for east St. Mary junior high competitors.

Girls’ Events

Team results: first place, Berwick Junior High, 158.5 points; fifth place, Morgan City Junior High, 52.5 points; sixth place, Patterson Junior High, 48 points; seventh place, Central Catholic, 14 points

Shot Put: first, Grogan, PJHS, 30-7; second, Regan Bowers, BJHS, 30-4; third, Kayla Francise, BJHS, 30-1

Discus: first, Francise, BJHS, 77-10; second, Macy Landry, BJHS, 57-8; third, Harly Acosta, MCJHS, 55-11; fourth, Twanna Lebeau, MCJHS, 53-11

Long Jump: third, Benandi, BJHS, 13-4½

Triple Jump: first, Benandi, BJHS, 25-7; third, Jenna Beiza, BJHS, 23-4

High Jump: first, Benandi, BJHS, 4-2; third, Lindsey Martin, PJHS, 4-0; fifth, tie, Ajia Robinson, BJHS, and Meya Morris, MCJHS, 3-10

4x200 Relay: fourth, MCJHS, 2:08.12

1600 Meter: first, Estay, BJHS, 7:06.35; second, Morgan Chaisson, BJHS, 7:13.34; third, Hallie Autin, CC, 7:28.55; fourth, Ana Marie Domino, MCJHS, 8:14.86; fifth, Bailey Lejeune, MCJHS, 9:15.99

100 Meter Hurdles: first, Singleton, PJHS, 18.17; third, Brittnay Price, MCJHS, 20.07; fourth, Arian Wiggins, BJHS, 20.23

100 Meter Dash: second, Ke’aira Turner, CC, 13.38; third, Singleton, PJHS, 13.52; fourth, Dwanna Lebeau, MCJHS, 13.82; sixth, Nia Broussard, PJHS, 14.47

800 Meter Run: first, Estay, BJHS, 3:09.85; third, Chaisson, BJHS, 3:11.79; fourth, Ketasha Williams, MCJHS, 3:25.74

4x100 Relay: fourth, MCJHS, 59.78; fifth, PJHS, 1:05.47

400 Meter Dash: first, Wiggins, BJHS, 1:13.92; second, Joleesa Minor, BJHS, 1:15.94; fifth, Myra Martin, MCJHS, 1:32.16

300 Meter Hurdles: first, Singleton, PJHS, 59.71; second, Morris, MCJHS, 1:02.62; third, Wiggins, BJHS, 1:02.65; fourth, Victoria Albarado, PJHS, 1:04.23; sixth, Minor, BJHS, 1:08.61

200 Meter Dash: second, Robinson, BJHS, 30.02; sixth, Alara Clark, MCJHS, 31.12

3200 Meter Run: first, Cuvillier, BJHS, 14:36; second, Estay, BJHS, 17:07

4x400 Meter Relay: third, BJHS, 5:16; fifth, MCJHS, 5:33

Boys’ Events

Team results: first, PJHS, 157 points; second, BJHS, 103 points; fifth, MCJHS, 28 points; seventh, CC, 8 points

Shot Put: second, Langley, BJHS, 37-2; fourth, Dominque Washington, PJHS, 35-5; fifth, Larry Guillory, PJHS, 31-7; sixth, Hunter Rhodes, BJHS, 30-4

Discus: first, Langley, BJHS, 110-2; second, Trenton Hebert, BJHS, 92-2; fifth, Tristan Ausuma, PJHS, 74-3; sixth, Joe Vasquez, PJHS, 73-8

Long Jump: first, Jones, PJHS, 18-4¾; third, Jalen Johnson, CC, 16-5¼; fourth, Kaleb Oubre, BJHS, 16-3; sixth, Devin Lott, BJHS, 15-5¾

Triple Jump: first, Augustine, PJHS, 33-1½; second, Anthony Gant, PJHS, 32-4¾; fourth, Lott BJHS, 31-5¾

High Jump: first, Jones, MCJHS, 5-8; second, Nehemiah Augustus, PJHS, 5-8; fourth, Jones, PJHS, 5-2; sixth, Marquis Green, MCJHS, 4-10

4x200 Relay: second, PJHS, 1:40.59; fourth, MCJHS, 1:48.46; fifth, BJHS, 1:49.47

1600 Meter Run: first, Gouaux, PJHS, 5:09.42; second, Doise, BJHS, 5:36.49; third, Cade Thibodaux, PJHS, 5:47.56; fourth, Drake Angeron, MCJHS, 5:53.07; fifth, Cameron Wiley, BJHS, 5:54.09

100 Meter Hurdles: second, Jones, PJHS, 16.82; fifth, Jake Srigley, BJHS, 18.15

100 Meter Dash: second, Wilfred Batiste, PJHS, 11.89; fourth, Augustus, PJHS, 11.98; sixth, Tyray Williams, MCJHS, 12.45

800 Meter Run: first, Doise, BJHS, 2:29.88; second, Dylan Bryant, PJHS, 2:32.26; third, Logan Angeron, PJHS, 2:45; fourth, Wiley, BJHS, 2:48.11; fifth, Deonta Green, MCJHS, 2:48.16

4x100 Relay: first, PJHS, 47.47; fourth, MCJHS, 52.45; fifth, BJHS, 57.6

400-Meter Dash: second, Dillon Giandelone, BJHS, 59.64; third, Langley, BJHS, 1:00.6

300 Meter Hurdles: first, Ragas, PJHS, 45.32; second, Sebastian Charles, PJHS, 47.96; fifth, Blake Byrne, CC, 53.56; sixth, Tanner Caldwell, BJHS, 53.62

200 Meter Dash: fourth, Ausuma, PJHS, 25.78; fifth, Augustine, PJHS, 29.35

3200 Meter Run: first, Gouaux, PJHS, 11:57.9; second, Doise, BJHS, 12:50; third, Wiley, BJHS, 13:38; fifth, Logan Fontenot, MCJHS, 15:47

4x400 Relay: second, BJHS, 4:10; third, PJHS, 4:18

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