St. Mary Parish council public hearing (pdf available)


MAY 28, 2014

The St. Mary Parish Council held a Public Hearing on this date with Steve Bierhorst, Chairman presiding and the following members present: Charles Middleton, Glen Hidalgo, Ken Singleton, Tim Tregle, Sterling Fryou, Albert Foulcard and Kevin Voisin. Absent were Lionel Metz, David Hanagriff and Logan Fromenthal.

The purpose of the Public Meeting was to receive written and/or oral comments and to adopt the following ordinances:

An Ordinance levying and imposing a tax of 5.72 mills for the purpose of maintaining and supporting the St. Mary Parish Public Library and its branches as directed by a special election held April 30, 2011 in the Parish of St. Mary, excluding the municipality of Morgan City, for the year 2014; and levying and imposing a one and twenty-five hundredths (1.25) mills tax on all the property subject to taxation in the Parish of St. Mary, State of Louisiana, excluding the City of Morgan City, for the year 2014.

An Ordinance levying a tax of 7.25 mills Parish Tax located outside the municipalities for all parochial purposes and segregating for local and parochial purposes and levying and imposing a 3.62 mills tax located within the municipalities to help defray the expenses of the Criminal Justice System of the Parish of St. Mary, State of Louisiana.

There were no written or oral comments received regarding the proposed ordinances.

There being no further business, Mr. Voisin moved for adjournment. Mr. Fryou seconded the motion, which carried.

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Lisa C. Morgan, Clerk Steve Bierhorst, Chairman

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