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The Cajun Coast Visitors and Convention Bureau issued its wish list Thursday for a variety of photographs of scenes in St. Mary Parish to be used on interpretative panels at its new welcome and interpretative center in Morgan City, Cajun Coast Executive Director Carrie Stansbury said in a news release.
Anyone who has photographs to contribute should put them on a CD and forward to the Cajun Coast office for the design people to look over, she said.
If the photos do not have a watermark on them, Cajun Coast will make every effort to preserve the photographer’s rights and will return the CD, Stansbury said. The mailing address is P.O. Box 2332, Morgan City, LA 70381.
The completion date for the new welcome center is scheduled for March, but an opening date has not been set.
Anyone with questions may contact the Cajun Coast Visitors and Convention Bureau office in Patterson at 985-395-4905.
Stansbury asked for the following photos in different categories.
Birds/bird watching
—Photo of peregrine falcon.
—Photo of hummingbird.
—Photo of eagle nests.
—Photo of eagles.
—Photo of nesting birds (mother with young).
—Rare bird.
—Photo of an alligator.
—Photos of alligators from boat side or dock.
—Photo of an amphibian.
—Photo of a nutria.
—Photo of nutria damage.
—Photos of reptiles.
—Photos of mammals.
—Photos of animal life.
—Photos of animals feeding on plants.
—Photos of black bears in wilderness
—Photos of black bears at Bayou Teche National Wildlife Reserve.
Swamp/Atchafalaya Swamp Basin
—Photo of the swamp.
—Photo of the Atchafalaya Basin.
—Photo of Cypress Tree.
—Photo of Water Oak.
—Photos of hikers and bikers (two to three people in a photo).
—Photo from motion picture of “Tarzan” swinging.
—Photos from the taping of “Tarzan.”
Eagle Expo
—Eagle Expo shots.
Tour du Teche
—Photos of events on water (both historic and recent).
Louisiana Shrimp & Petroleum Festival
—Photos of events on water (both historic and recent).
Cypress Sawmill Festival
—Photos of events/people/activities.
Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival
—Photos of events/people/activities.
Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show
—Photos of events/people/activities.
—Photos of locals dancing and singing with their families at events.
—Photos of happy people at festivals/events.
—Photos of unknown individuals smiling.
—Photos of locals - in town, by homes, in all regions of the area.
—Silhouette of individual overlooking the water skyline at dusk or dawn.
—Photo of recreational fishing in boats and on embankments.
—Photo of fishermen shrimping/crawfishing.
—Photo of life in the swamp.
—Photos of basket making (in traditional dress), texture of baskets.
—Aerial photo of the Teche (showing its snake-like appearance).
—Historic photos of tribe from time period, depicting life.
Louisiana State Museum
—Photo of “Miss Patterson #44” in the Wedell-Williams Louisiana State Aviation Museum in Patterson.
—Historic shots of early Wedell-Williams and historic planes.
—Historic photos of sawmill, Jimmy Wedell and Wedell-Williams plane photos.
Brownell Tower
—Photos of the Brownell Carillon bell tower from a distance.
—Map of its location.
—Photo at dusk over the water with land in the image (oranges and dark blues).
—Photos of locals on the water.
—Photos of paddling, canoeing, kayaking.
—Photos of life on the water.
—Silhouette of individual overlooking the water skyline at dusk or dawn.
—Aerial photo of Bayou Teche (showing its snake-like appearance).
—Photos of events on water (both historic and recent).
—Scenic photos of golf courses, golfers, etc.
—Photo of making a pirogue.
—Photo of shrimp boat in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oil and Gas Industry
—Photo of oil rig/supplies boats/industry.
Sugar Cane Industry
—Photos of sugar industry/mill/cane/tractors.
—Photo of cane fields, harvesting, raw sugar, candies, etc.
Historic Homes
—Photo of historic homes, plantations.
—Historic photos of Franklin, sugar port photos with steamboats.
—Photos of creatures in their habitat (possibly shots of them prepared as food), frog in basin/fried frog legs.
—Photos of cook/chef at event or with several people.
—Photo from behind of someone flipping and sautéing a Cajun dish.
—Photos of Cajun cuisine.
—Photos of prepared dishes; someone eating (thumbs up!).
—Photo of someone either catching or of caught/prepared delicacies.
—Photo of prepared seafood dishes; image of chopped “holy trinity.”
—Photo of someone eating oysters.
—Photos of oyster harvesting.
—Photos of Ameripure.
Civil War
—Historic photos of the war, historic site photos.
Miscellaneous Photos/Maps
—Photos of levees and rich silt deposits.
—Overlay maps showing delta deposits.
—Map of region.
—Old and new photos of a map of the region with towns below listed on a map.
—Photo of Thomas Berwick, photo of settlers (illustration/line drawing.
—Historic photos of John Baldwin.

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