Parish schools earn a ‘B’

 Superintendent Donald Aguillard
Our annual increases in performance can be directly linked to the district’s steadfast commitment and ongoing investments in meeting the academic needs of St. Mary’s students as exhibited by all segments of instructional personnel.
School report cards were issued today, and St. Mary Parish maintained a B average, tying for 19th in the state.
In 2013, the grading scale for district and school performance scores was recalibrated from a 200-point to a 150-point scale. For most schools in the parish, the change in scale did not harm their letter grades; however, four of the six high schools — Morgan City, Patterson, Franklin and West St. Mary — would have scored higher on the old point system versus the new one.
St. Mary schools had a District Performance Score of 105.2 on the 200-point scale, making it a B system for the first time. The district maintained its B rank with a 90.5 on the revised 150-point scale, equivalent to a 107.5 on the previous scale, according to data released today by the state Department of Education.
The honor of “Top Gains School” was added to accountability ratings by the state in 2011. Any school that achieves its growth target and meets annual yearly progress within tested subgroups qualifies for this distinction. Based on 2013 ratings, three schools in St. Mary qualify for the honor: Berwick High, Patterson Junior High and B. Edward Boudreaux Middle.
In elementary and middle schools, grades are based on school performance scores calculated almost entirely from iLEAP and LEAP results. For high schools, the school performance score is divided with 50 percent based on state and national assessments and 50 percent on data associated with the graduation of four-year students.
The six parish high school graduation rates were 87.4 percent, Berwick High; 76.3 percent, Patterson High; 75 percent, Centerville High; 74.6 percent, Morgan City High; 73 percent, Franklin High; and 61.5 percent, West St. Mary.
Individual school report cards conveying 2012-13 test performance illustrate how each individual school performed compared to state averages. In addition, report cards have been expanded to present 2012-13 letter grades based on both grading scales for comparison with 2011-12 performance. The information may be accessed at
Since the accountability formula has been completely revamped, adjusted baseline scores were established to be used for all future comparisons. Further, as a result of the state department of education’s inclusion of equivalence scores, parish Accountability Manager Robbi Gouaux was able to determine schools with performance growth in 2013, Superintendent Donald Aguillard said.
Overall, based on the original 200-point performance system, 18 of the district’s 23 schools attained school performance point gains.
Performance labels for 2013 using the new scale reveal three A schools whose school performance score falls within a range of 100-150, eight B schools of a 85-99.9 score, six C schools reporting a score between 70-84.9 and six D schools with a range of 50-69.9. No St. Mary school falls below a 50; therefore, the district continues to report no failing schools.
By school, the scores compared with the previous year are:
—Berwick High, with an A at 104.8 on the new scale, the school maintained its A status from the 2011-12 school report card.
—Berwick Junior High, A at 102.5, up from B in 2011-12.
—Berwick Elementary, A at 103.2, up from B.
—Wyandotte Elementary, B at 98.6, maintained B.
—Bayou Vista Elementary, B at 95.6, maintained B.
—Aucoin Elementary, B at 92.7, up from C.
—Shannon Elementary, B at 93.2, up from C.
—Morgan City Junior High, B at 88.5, maintained B.
—Hattie Watts Elementary, B at 86.8, maintained B.
—Patterson Junior High, B at 86.9, up from C.
—Morgan City High, B at 85, maintained B.
—Foster Elementary, C at 84.8, down from B.
—Maitland Elementary, C at 81.6, maintained C.
—Centerville High School, C at 81.5, maintained C.
—B.E. Boudreaux Middle, C at 82.2, up from D.
—Patterson High, C at 78.7, maintained C.
—Norman Elementary, C at 77.5, maintained C.
—Franklin High, D at 66.7, down from C.
—LaGrange Elementary, D at 65.9, maintained D.
—Raintree Elementary, D at 63.9, maintained D.
—J.A. Hernandez, D at 62.5, down from B.
—West St. Mary High, D at 61.9, down from C.
—Franklin Junior High, D at 61.3, maintained D.
Intense district instructional support efforts have been in place in the D schools since the initial release of student achievement scores in May, Aguillard said.
Nine schools in the district attained bonus points for students identified within the lowest-performing subgroup who exceeded growth expectations on accountability testing in 2013, Aguillard said. While the achievement of each student is an integral component to the collective success of the district, it is also important to recognize the considerable effort necessary to reach proficiency from this group of students, he said. As such, he said, several schools received bonus points for their efforts in increasing student achievement among the lowest-performing students: B.E. Boudreaux Middle, Berwick Elementary, Berwick Junior High, Centerville High, Franklin Junior High, LaGrange Elementary, Maitland Elementary, Morgan City Junior High and Patterson Junior High. 
School and district performance scores substantiate the continued, consistent growth in academic achievement St. Mary Parish has experienced annually since 2004 when the district score was 79.1, he said. 
Aguillard said during his nine-year tenure as superintendent, St. Mary Parish has experienced an increase of 28.4 points in academic performance ratings.
 “Our annual increases in performance can be directly linked to the district’s steadfast commitment and ongoing investments in meeting the academic needs of St. Mary’s students as exhibited by all segments of instructional personnel,” he said. “The collaborative intensive focus on student achievement has yielded positive growth and continued academic improvement.”

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