Letters to Santa

Children across the Tri-City area have penned their letters to Santa and eagerly are awaiting his trip tonight.
The Daily Review’s Christmas Eve edition includes hundreds of these letters. Many asked for iPhones, Kindles, Xboxes and many other electronic goods, but there were a few children who had other requests.
Mary-Alice Dohmann, a first-grader at Berwick Elementary, had only one wish: “For Christmas, I want my grate grate gran fother bac.”
Wyandotte third-grader Brooklyn had a different sort of request.
“I know that I would normally want a lot of things for Christmas, but all I want this year are a few things. Please send food to the hungry and give toys to the poor. I think I already have everything I need. Can you send happiness to the less fortunate children. I want them to at least have something special in their life. Merry Christmas!”
Some students had simple gift list requests they were hoping Santa would fill.
Evan Crappell, a first grader at Berwick Elementary, wants “a Santa costume, soks, danser bell, licing logs, dirt bike, candy, 22 gun, bike, my two bodum teth, Saints sune and som toys.”
Alyssa Domangue, a third grade student at Holy Cross Elementary, would like “a puppy and a seat pet. A Frozen doll, the singing Olaf doll from Frozen and a chalk board eraser.”
Jeremiah, a third-grader at Hattie Watts Elementary had a few questions for Santa: “I have been a really good boy this year. I want a elf and a iPad that have music on it with earphones. Santa how are you and Mrs. Claus doing? How are the reindeers doing? Santa do reindeers really fly?”
Juan Maldonodo, a third grade student at J.S. Aucoin Elementary, told Santa he has been a good boy all year and asked for a twin for Christmas “because he can help me with my homework.”
Finally, to Sierra, who lives on First Street in Morgan City: Santa asked us to let you know that he got your letter, but because he’s so busy tonight he can’t write back. Since he’s taking care of the reindeer and delivering presents, he asked us to tell you to never stop believing in the magic of Christmas.

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