Hydrant query answered

Franklin’s mayor and council members met Tuesday in regular session for March.
Andrea Strubb of Canal Drive, asked the council what the various color-coding of fire hydrants stands for.
Fire Chief Chuck Bourgeois said that hydrants are rated and color-coded by the amount of flow in gallons per minute so that fire fighters know exactly how much water they can receive from a hydrant. He said black colored hydrants are so indicated because they are on small water lines and cannot be used.
Strubb said there are three black coded hydrants in a small area along the street and asked Bourgeois how this affects fire protection.
The chief said fire trucks carry 1,200 feet of hose, and at least two or three trucks respond to every fire, resulting in up to 3,600 feet of hose. That allows the fire department to reach any nearby hydrants easily, Bourgeois said.
Strubb also asked if all city water plant testers were certified. Mayor Raymond Harris said they all are except one who was recently hired and is undergoing certification.
Also Tuesday, the council passed an ordinance setting the speed limit on Roseville Street at 15 mph; approved an ordinance setting city millage rates; introduced an ordinance authorizing the city to purchase the old Crowell Elementary gym building for no more than $50,000; passed a resolution authorizing waiver of the open alcohol container law for the Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival, with the exception of glass containers.

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