Local bowling report


Sept. 11


Larry Dee’s 46 26

Synergy Rsrcs 45 27

Chabill’s Cobras 39 33

Hustlers 39 33

How We Roll* 35 33

Allen’s TV 37½ 34½

M.C. Paint/Body 35 37

Joe’s Boots* 28½ 35½

Vida Paint* 26 42

PSB 21 51

* - Incomplete

High games: 279, 239 Travis Frederick, 256 Brandon Granger, 248 Jerry Pillaro, 239 Willie Rack, 238, 230 Greg Arboneaux, 234 Anthony Falgout Jr., 229, 226 Wally Arcemont, 225 Murray Hebert, 224 Larry Jones

High series: 737 Travis Frederick (personal high), 672 Jerry Pillaro, 669 Greg Arboneaux, 650 Wally Arcemont, 625 Brandon Granger, 616 Murray Hebert, 614 Anthony Falgout Jr., 613 Lawrence Simoneaux, 604 Willie Rack


Sept. 10


Frank’s Agency 7 1

Put’s Honky Tonk 7 1

Gutter Gals 5 3

DSF Wild Ones 3 5

Mary’s Hair Care 2 6

Pin Pals 0 8

High teams of the week were Frank’s Agency with high scratch and handicap game of 616 and 849, Gutter Gals with high scratch game and high scratch series of 616 and 1734, and DSF Wild Ones with high handicap series of 2386.

High scratch bowlers were Angela Fields 528 (204), Cathy Daigle 519, Beverly Mayon 501 (183) and Rosie Fournier 76.

Split conversions were accomplished by Melissa Alleman 5-7, 2-7, Angela Fields 3-10, Liz Baytop 3-10 and Janna Landeta 5-8-10.

This MCUSBCWBA sanctioned league is still accepting new teams wishing to bowl on Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. For more information call Myrna Vinning at 395-3537.



Awards for the Progressive Summer 2013 season were presented to the winners at a meeting on Aug. 27 at Shoney’s.

Teams: first place, Double Trouble (Sara Smock and Brittany Domangue); second place, R2 (Squared); third place, Gutter Gals; fourth place, Wild Ones; fifth place, Frank’s Agency #2; sixth place, Coastal States; and seventh place, Pin Pals.

High scratch game: first, Frank’s Agency #2; second, Gutter Gals; third, Pin Pals; fourth, Wild Ones; fifth, Gutter Putters; sixth, Bayou Cajuns; and seventh, The Other Half.

High handicap game: first, Frank’s Agency #1; second, White Wing; third, Double Trouble; fourth, R2 (Squared); fifth, Coastal States; and sixth, Bayou Belles.

High scratch series: first, Frank’s Agency #2; second, Frank’s Agency #1; third, Gutter Putters; fourth, Bayou Cajuns; fifth, Wild Ones; sixth, Bayou Belles; and seventh, Coastal States.

High handicap series: first, White Wing; second, Gutter Gals; third, Double Trouble; fourth, Pin Pals; fifth, The Other Half; and sixth, R2 (Squared).

Individuals: high scratch game, first, Pam Hensgens 265; second, Beverly Mayon 223; third, Rosie Fournier 213; fourth, Myrna Vinning 206; fifth, Barbara LaCoste 192; and sixth (tie), Amy Aucoin 187 and Sara Smock 187.

High handicap game: first, Angela Fields 279; second, Cathy Daigle 260; third, Rebecca Freer 251; fourth (tie), Rachel Barras 244 and Joe Ann Paul 244; sixth, Manola Miller 243; and seventh, Bonnie Daugherty.

High scratch series: first, Angela Fields 653; second, Pam Hensgens 621; third, Beverly Mayon 569; fourth, Myrna Vinning 515; fifth, Barbara LaCoste 504; sixth, Lillian Rebardie 486; and seventh, Amy Aucoin 483.

High handicap series: first, Rosie Fournier 714; second, Sara Smock 680; third, Cathy Daigle 672; fourth, Joe Ann Paul 663; fifth, Rebecca Freer 661; sixth, Rachel Barras 660; and seventh, Judi Blood 654.

High averages: first, Pam Hensgens 181; second, Angela Fields 175; third, Beverly Mayon 169; fourth, Rosie Fournier 158; fifth, Barbara LaCoste 156; sixth, Cathy Daigle 153; and seventh, Myrna Vinning 148.

Most improved bowler: Melissa Alleman, +10 over Summer 2012 average.

The league’s officers and board of directors would like to thank the management of Shoney’s for the use of their restaurant for our meeting.

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