Letters to Santa inside

Hundreds of letters, written by local schoolchildren to Jolly Old St. Nick asking him for what they want this holiday season, are being published in today’s Christmas Greetings edition of The Daily Review, as they have been for more years than Santa has whiskers.

The letters were solicited from local students in grades kindergarten through 3 in this annual undertaking.

As always, extra care was given to preserving the authenticity of each.

The typesetters here, normally accurate with their keystrokes and very effective with their proofreading, allow the children’s quaint misspellings, punctuations and capitalizations to remain as originally written.

Sometimes, we must admit educated guesses were made about what the kids were trying to say. But we are confident we got them as close to their original intent as possible.

As promised, we have forwarded every letter we received to the North Pole — just in case Santa forgot to renew his online subscription.

True to the spirit of the season, this larger-than-normal edition is made possible by the good members of the local business community.

To all who had a part in its publication, we thank you.

A few of the letters chosen to be highlighted in the pages that follow including Alexa’s confession as to her reason for loving the season:

“Dear Santa,

“I love Christmas a lot because it’s the holiday when kids get presents. The only thing I don’t like is when it gets cold! I hope, I get lots of presents because I’ve been a good girl. So good that my mom bought me a baby, microphone and a pony. I love all the things my mom bought and I am grateful for the mom and family god gave me. Merry Christmas Santa, I love you!

I love you,


(Wyandotte Elementary)

A sampling of the hundreds of other letters are included below for your enjoyment.

You would be remiss if you did not check out at least a few of the others as a child’s wonderment at Christmas truly is part of the joy in the Christmas season.

“Dear Santa,

“My name is Janyria Landry and I would like to start off by saying I have been a very good girl this year. Second of all I would like a baby alive, a scottor, and a Ipod touch, and last but not least I would love a monkey game. Thanks santa! Hope you get my letter


Janyria Landry”

(Maitland Elementary)

“Dear Santa,

I want a calendar and a bulletin board. I am 5 and my brother is 7.


Anastasia Daigle”

(Bayou Vista Elementary)

“Elijah’s Christmas List

1. Army air planes. 2. Army tank, troops, jet’s. 3. Air planes. 4. A laptop, White. 5. Cool Robots. 6. A pet bird with a cage….Real. 7. Police lights for my bike with lights and siren. 8. Rc fire truck. 9. Rc police car. 10. A real gas mask. 11. A puppy. 12. Spy rc car.

Elijah O. Henry”

(Mailed in)

“Dear Santa,

I want a skateboard and a pistol because I will play air-soft war with my brother. I will give you the key to get into my house. I want a paint ball gun.

Maddox Brinlee”

(Hattie Watts Elementary)

“Dear Santa,

I hyave been a great girl this year. I would like for you to bring my daddy some Saint’s tickets. Please bring my brother, my momma, my daddy and me some Saint’s slippers and jerseys.

Now, on to business, I would like a b-b gun and a bow and arrow. I am also in need of a new baby doll, okay Big Guy? Moving on, a bumble bee pillow pet would be awesome!

I would like a pink L for Lau8ren to put in my bedroom. Please have your elves decorate it and make it pretty. But most of all, I would like to wish baby Jesus a Happy Birthday! And the world a Merry Christmas!


Lauren Soudelier”

(Berwick Elementary)

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