BHS track sweep relays

The Tri-City Relays were held Friday at Geisler Stadium in Berwick. The event featured Morgan City, Berwick, Patterson and Central Catholic high schools. At left, Patterson’s Shundren Johnson prepares to release the javelin. (The Daily Review/Geoff Stoute)

Morgan City’s Terianna Weary runs in the 400 meter run.

Central Catholic’s Hallie Autin leaps a hurdle in the 100-meter hurdles.

Berwick’s Brandon Navrro competes in the high jump.

The Berwick High School track and field teams swept Friday’s Tri-City Relay team titles.
The Panthers finished with 102 points, while the Lady Panthers totaled 130 points.
Berwick swept the individual girls’ awards as Corrine Benandi and Nicole Arceneaux tied for Field MVP, while Olivia Gilbert was Track MVP and Ashton Morales was Outstanding Performer.
Morgan City schools took the top individual boys awards as Morgan City High’s Darryl Johnson was named Field MVP and his teammate, Jaylen Jones, was named Outstanding Performer. Central Catholic’s Sal Grizzaffi was named Track MVP.
Below are the meet results:
Boys’ Results
100 meter: first place, Keyvon Marsh, Morgan City High School, 10.93; second place, Deonte Short, Berwick High School, 11.37; third place, Austin Price, BHS, 11.64; fourth place, Landon Harper, Patterson High School, 11.69; fifth, Adonte Owens, PHS, 12.12

200 meter: first, Jaylen Jones, MCHS, 22.21; second, Tierrell Jones, MCHS, 22.62; third, Marquise Rogers, BHS, 23.44; fourth, Austin Price, BHS, 23.78; fifth, Landon Harper, PHS, 24.32

400 meter: first, Zach Dupuy, BHS, 54.27; second, Shundren Johnson, PHS, 55.24; third, Dillon Giandelone, PHS, 57.14; fourth, Tanner Wiggins, Central Catholic High School, 57.31; fifth, Sydney Holder, CCHS, 57.47

800 meter: first, Chad Vining, BHS, 2:10.08; second, Sal Grizzaffi, CCHS, 2:14.29; third, Austin Doise, BHS, 2:23.88; fourth, Dylan Bryant, PHS, 2:26.28; fifth, Kentrell Benjamin, PHS, 2:28.24

1600 meter: first, Sal Grizzaffi, CCHS, 4:56.86; second, Austin Doise, BHS, 5:14.74; third, Dylan Bryant, PHS, 5:25.90; fourth, Andre Adams, BHS, 5:35.09; fifth, Braxton Alcina, CCHS, 6:00.00

3200 meter: first, Sal Grizzaffi, CCHS, 11:04.40; second, Austin Doise, BHS, 11:44.57; third, Andre Adams, BHS, 12:04.71; fourth, Logan Fontenot, MCHS, 14:25.36

110 meter hurdles: first, Shay Ragas, PHS, 16.53; second, Ian Hayes, PHS, 19.26; third, Beau Boudreaux, BHS, 20.56; fourth, Bryce Benedeitto, BHS, 21.65

300 meter hurdles: first, Shay Ragas, PHS, 45.37; second, Ian Hayes, PHS, 50.59; third, Beau Boudreaux, BHS, 51.40; fourth, Bryce Benedeitto, BHS, 51.96

Shot put: first, Darryl Johnson, MCHS, 47-09.00; second, Matt Tregle, PHS, 44-02.00; third, Malik Garrett, PHS, 40-03.00; fourth, Seth Legendre, BHS, 37-02.00; fifth, Christian Draper, BHS, 36-04.00

Discus throw: first, Darryl Johnson, MCHS, 146-00; second, Lionel Langley, BHS, 103-05; third, Trenton Hebert, BHS, 103-03; fourth, Matt Tregle, PHS, 100-00; fifth, Kyle Autin, CCHS, 91-05

Javelin throw: first, Shundren Johnson, PHS, 143-10; second, Seth Legendre, BHS, 136-03; third, Samuel Bergeron, BHS, 135-00; fourth, Darryl Johnson, MCHS, 134-00; fifth, Matt Tregle, PHS, 126-02

Long jump: first, Daylon Charlot, PHS, 20-05.50; second, Malcolm Watkins, MCHS, 19-00.00; third, Tim Shelby, BHS, 18-03.00; fourth, Sydney Holder, CCHS, 18-03.00; fifth, Landon Harper, PHS, 17-09.50

Triple jump: first, Jaylen Jones, MCHS, 44-08.00; second, Malcolm Watkins, MCHS, 42-11.50; third, Audwin Williams, BHS, 39-04.50; fourth, Brandon Navarro, BHS, 35-11.00

High jump: first, Daylon Charlot, PHS, 6-00.00; second, Brandon Navarro, BHS, 5-10.00; third, Kentrell Benjamin, PHS, 5-08.00; fourth, Malcolm Watkins, MCHS, 5-08.00; fifth, Audwin Williams, BHS, 5-06.00

Pole vault: first, Dillon Brown, BHS, 9-06.00; second, Jeremy Orgeron, BHS, 8-00.00

4x100 relay: first, MCHS, Relay A, Buddy Humphrey, Keyvon Marsh, Tierrell Jones, Jaylen Jones, 43.35; second, PHS, Relay A, Renee Maillet, Daylon Charlot, Larry Turner, Mikel Jones, 45.15; third, BHS, Relay A, Deonte Short, Tim Shelby, Zach Dupuy, Marquise Rogers, 45.35

4x200 relay: first, MCHS, Relay A, Buddy Humphrey, Kevon Marsh, Tierrell Jones, Jaylen Jones, 1:29.18; second, BHS, Relay A, Deonte Short, Zach Dupuy, Marquise Rogers, Tim Shelby, 1:33.79; third, PHS, Relay A, Daylon Charlot, Larry Turner, Mikel Jones, Shay Ragas, 1:34.34

4x400 relay: first, BHS, Relay A, Marquise Rogers, Zach Dupuy, Brooks Richard, Chad Vining, 3:44.00; second, PHS, Relay A, Shundren Johnson, Dillon Giandelone, Desabrian Benjamin, Kentrell Benjamin, 3:58.00; CCHS Relay A, Sal Grizzaffi, Sydney Holder, Tyler Landry, Tanner Wiggins, 4:03.00

Team rankings: first, BHS, 102; second, PHS, 79; third, MCHS, 60; fourth, CCHS, 25

Girls’ Results
100 meter: first, Keiara Turner, MCHS, 13.34; second, McKayla Ruiz, PHS, 13.63; third, Iraneisha Kinchen, PHS, 13.76; fourth, Sydney Williams, CCHS, 14.90; fifth, Iesha Jones, BHS, 15.30

200 meter: first, Keiara Turner, MCHS, 27.93; second, Hailey Harris, MCHS, 28.38; third, Iraneisha Kinchen, PHS, 28.51; fourth, Shaquita Sylvestor, BHS, 31.25; fifth, Iesha Jones, BHS, 31.84

400 meter: first, Cari Powell, BHS, 1:11.84; second, Teriana Weary, MCHS, 1:12.99; third, Lindsey Martin, PHS, 1:15.94; fourth, Taylor Batiste, MCHS, 1:19.40; fifth, Zoey Theriot, BHS, 1:22.62

800 meter: first, Olivia Gilbert, BHS, 3:20.00; second, Taylor Perry, BHS, 3:42.00

1600 meter: first, Olivia Gilbert, BHS, 8:01.00; second, Morgan Chaisson, BHS, 8:40.00

3200 meter: first, Morgan Chaisson, BHS, 17.23.00; second, Olivia Gilbert, BHS, 17:30.00

100 meter hurdles: first, Corrine Benandi, BHS, 17.78; second, Cari Powell, BHS, 18.41; third, Hallie Autin, CCHS, 18.88; fourth, Jasmine Robinson, PHS, 20.59; fifth, Tres Legendre, PHS, 21.21
300 meter hurdles: first, Ashton Morales, BHS, 53.15; second, Brittany Boudreaux, BHS, 58.72

Shot put: first, Nicole Arceneaux, BHS, 27-03.00; second, Anastasia Johnson, CCHS, 26-04.00; third, Connie Giroir, BHS, 25.03.50

Discus throw: first, Jamila Tate, PHS, 95-09; second, Nicole Arceneaux, BHS, 84-01; third, Elicia Dorsey, MCHS, 62-11; fourth Connie Giroir, BHS, 62-03; fifth, Kristen Johnson, PHS, 49-07

Javelin throw: first, Tye Williams, PHS, 93-10; second, Nicole Arceneaux, BHS, 93-07; third, Blake Orgeron, BHS, 91-00

Long jump: first, Ashton Morales, BHS, 16-04.25; second, Corrine Benandi, BHS, 15-01.00; third, Elicia Dorsey, MCHS, 13-06.50; fourth, Sydney Williams, CCHS, 13-00.00

Triple jump: first, Ashton Morales, BHS, 32-02.00; second, Corrine Benandi, BHS, 29-07.00; third, Elicia Dorsey, MCHS, 27-11.00; fourth, Sydney Williams, CCHS, 25-05.00
High jump: first, Corrine Benandi, BHS, 4-06.00; second, Lindsey Martin, PHS, 4-04.00; third, Rebecca Richard, BHS, 4-04.00

Pole vault: first, Kennedy Sampey, BHS, 9-00.00; second, Bailey Barr, BHS, 7-00.00

4x100 relay: first, PHS, Relay A, Iraneisha Kinchen, Shianna Phillips, Jimari Brown, McKayla Ruiz, 54.34; second, MCHS, Relay A, 55.82; third, BHS, Relay A, Iesha Jones, Shaquita Sylvestor, Tristan Shelby, Brittany Boudreaux, 57.74

4x200 relay: first, MCHS, Relay A, 1:54.93; second, PHS, Relay A, Iraneisha Kinchen, Shianna Phillips, Jimari Brown, McKayla Ruiz, 1:56.39; third, BHS, Relay, Iesha Jones, Ashton Morales, Shaquita Sylvestor, Tristan Shelby, 1:59.15

4x400 relay: first, MCHS, Relay, 4:56.62; second, BHS, Relay A, Tristan Shelby, Cari Powell, Carley Hebert, Brittany Boudreaux, 5:04.03

Team rankings: first, BHS, 130; second, MCHS, 47; third, PHS, 43; fourth, CCHS, 13

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