Dumesnil wins big race again

HIGHLANDS, Texas _ Bryan Dumesnil captured first place in the Highlands, Texas race last weekend despite a huge disadvantage.

Dumesnil, racing on a track he had never been on, still took first place overall after his wheel was hung up as the main gate dropped and he was unable to take off.

When Dumesnil got his quad going, the rest of the racers were already on the track.

As it turned out, he was not only in last place but way behind the group and his biggest competitor Mike Wallace, who was leading the pack.

The Dumesnil team watched hopelessly before the announcer yelled that Dumesnil had just passed two riders and then three more until he was just behind Walker who is the racer that holds the Number 1 spot in points.

Just before a double jump, Walker went inside, Dumenil went outside as the top competitors raced side by side. With Walker on his 450 Yamaha and Dumesnil on his 450 Honda, the pair headed for the double jump when Dumesnil opened the throttle and passed Walker. Dumesnil stayed in front of Walker for the rest of the race, earning the come-from-behind victory.

At the awards, the track manager held up the first place trophy and said: The most impressive race in the B Class gores to Bryan Dumesnil, who came from the back of the pack.

Dumesnil missed a race and may have dropped out of first place overall in points totals.

Dumesnil’s sponsors are: Scott’s Equipment; Sportsman’s Honda of Morgan City; O’Reilly Auto; PB Contractors; Roberts Used Auto; Coastal Foam; Douglas Wheels and Tigers; Leatt Neck Brace and SF Racing.

Special thanks goes to Harold LeBlanc, Dumesnil’s mechanic, who keeps his modified 450 Honda Quad fine tuned.

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