Dumesnil claims two second place finishes

It was a familiarly sight to see No. 7, a red Honda Quad, ridden by Bryan Dumesnil in front of most racers at Cowboy Badland in Beaumont, Texas last weekend.

Dumesnil claimed two second place spots, beaten out for first place by pro rider Blake Granger.

In the first race, Bryan pulled out of the gate in fourth place. In the second turn, Bryan passed the third place rider and moved quickly on the back tires of the second place racer.

In the last turn of the first lap, Dumesnil took inside as the second place racer took outside. They were side by side on the straight and it was Honda (Dumesnil) and Yamaha (Baxter) coming down the straight.

Bryan pulled away from Baxter and held on to second place.

In the second race Granger pulled the hole shot with Bryan in second. They went into the first turn with Granger on the outside and Dumesnil on the inside. Dumesnil saw a hole, opened the throttle and passed Granger. Knowing that Bryan was the underdog, the crowd was cheering for Bryan.

Dumesnil held first place but in the second lap, Granger managed to get around him. However Bryan held on to second which an overall win of two second place wins.

Dumesnil won the State Champion last serial race in the B class, but now is in the A class and racing with the Pros. Bryan’s sponsors are: Roberts Auto/Kustom Collision, Oreilly Auto, Scott Equipment, Sportmans Cycle of Morgan City, Leatt neck brace and SF racing, Bryans Mechanic is Harold LeBlanc.

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