A day of amnesty for fathers

On Father’s Day Sunday, men estranged from their children are being asked to summon the courage to take steps to reconnect with their children.

By using the local media, social media and leveraging partnerships with community based organizations, this groundbreaking day was nationally proposed to target more than 100,000 fathers.

Estranged fathers are asked to make a commitment to do one of the following:

1. Pick up the phone and make contact with your son or daughter

2. Write a letter to your son or daughter as an icebreaker

3. Contact your child’s mother or guardian to arrange a visit

4. Sign up for President Barack Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative via


Additionally, mothers and grandmothers are asked to be supportive of dads who are willing to initiate contact with their children. We believe helping mothers and grandmothers understand the power of forgiveness can be the first step toward healing families.

Through a host of national partners that are doing amazing work with youth, fathers and families across the country, A Day of Amnesty for Dads aims to reconnect fathers with their families.

“The issue of absent fathers has become a matter of public health. We can all identify fatherless youth in our community who struggle to cope with the realities of life,” said David Miller, co-founder of the Urban Leadership Institute, a Baltimore-based advocacy group that works nationally to support fathers and families through programmatic innovation and to develop strategies to work with fathers in some of the country’s toughest communities across the country:

Studies show 72 percent of African-American children are born to unwed mothers, numbers that paint a grim forecast for many children growing up in communities already ravaged by crime, drugs and apathy.

Kenneth Braswell, author and executive director of Father’s Incorporated, added: “It will be impossible to reduce crime and improve communities unless responsible fatherhood becomes a focus in those communities..

A Day of Amnesty for Dads has developed culturally appropriate promotional materials, including postcards, posters and billboards, as well as multi-media PSA’s directed at African-American males of all ages, to communicate creative and culturally relevant messages about responsible fatherhood and reconnecting with families.

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