The Daily Review asks: What are you thankful for this year?

MORGAN CITY — Tri-City area residents have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.

Residents gathering ingredients for their Thanksgiving feasts at Cannata’s Family Market earlier this week took time out to reflect on their blessings.

Judith Brown of Morgan City is thankful to have her son Kendall home for the holidays.

“He was stationed in Africa recently, so we’re glad to have him home,” she said.

Kendall Brown, who was with his mother purchasing a turkey, is in the Navy and stationed in Virginia, but is on leave for Thanksgiving.

Judith Brown is most thankful for “having all my kids with me,” she said.

Mindy Cross of Morgan City said she is most thankful for family, specifically for having everyone together because “we’ve lost so many people,” she said.

Kevin Comeaux of Bayou L’Ourse, a Cannata’s employee, paused in his work for a moment to note he was thankful for his “awesome family and friends and to be in college to get myself a good education.”

Deli employees Naomi Raeford of California and Kayla Rink of Morgan City also reflected on their blessings.

Raeford said she is grateful for her family “even though I’m not with them right now. I appreciate them more … I miss them more,” she said.

Rink is “thankful for a job in this economy,” she said.

Mary Lou Brady and her mother Louise Smoorenburg of Patterson noted their blessings on this holiday as well.

“We’re sorry my dad is not here to celebrate with us this year, but we’re very glad to be able to be together this year,” Brady said.

Smoorenburg, originally from Holland, added, “This is the nicest day, an American holiday.”

Numerous Tri-City area residents also weighed in on what they are thankful for on The Daily Review’s Facebook page:

—Patience Ames-Carello: “I am very thankful for my family’s good health.”

—Mandi Lodrigue: “I’m thankful to be alive and healthy. Also, (I’m) thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life to share my life with! I’m blessed to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food in my belly! I thank God for everything in my past that led me to where I am today! All the good and bad experiences along the way taught me to be who I am today! I thank God for all that I have and all that I am!”

—Sharon Cubbedge: “I’m thankful to God for my good health, the love from family and friends, and the giving of that love to family and friends. I would really be thankful if this world we live in can be a peaceful world — if we could all live together in peace, but it does not seem possible. It is said anything is possible if you believe in the All Mighty. Many, many people die for their beliefs now and since the beginning of time.”

—Linda Gros: “I am thankful for God for keeping my mother and father in great health and for my sweetheart who works hard for me to able to get my meds and for our 10 grandkids whom we love very much and for our three beautiful daughters and our sons-in-laws and for my grandmother who is still living at the age of 95. We love her so much!”

—Tabatha Dinger Gross: “I am thankful for my entire family! We are a typical southern family. When we have functions, it’s a big deal. We all get mad at each other but never dwell on it. We move on as though nothing happens...”

—Shane DeMers Winters: “I am thankful for my husband Daniel who works hard to allow me to stay home with our kids. We have eight children and one on the way. He puts his family first and for that I know I am blessed and very, very thankful.”

—Aaron Galey: “I am thankful for a great church family who loves people no matter who they are or what they have been through. God has blessed me and my family with great friends at The Crossing Place Fellowship Morgan City.”

—Kathy Francis Dinger: “I am so thankful for my family, the roof over my head and all the little things I have. I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

—Katy Gilmore: “I’m thankful for the fact that the Tri-City area is more like one big city. We are all friends and neighbors. When something affects one area the others step up to help. I love living in Small Town, USA.”

—Karen Sampey: “I am thankful for my home, my close knit family and community and very thankful to live in this area of the world where we have it all — an abundance of seafood from the gulf, the bay areas, as well as the fresh water lakes. I am thankful for the wonderful music our ancestors made their own, called swamp pop. And I am thankful for the small town America-ish place I live and thankful to call it home.”

—Sherry Elliott Ordoyne: “I am thankful that my husband has a good job and for once we don’t have to worry about if we can make the next bill payment.”

—Stephanie Blanco Dupré: I am thankful to Dr. Christopher Stewart at First Orthopedics and the ER and nursing staff at Teche Regional for taking such great care of me in July when I had a falling accident and broke my shoulder. I could not have asked for better treatment.”

—Casie Torres Brown: “I’m thankful I can spend another Thanksgiving with my grandfather. Around this time last year he was diagnosed with colon cancer. After an invasive surgery and a few months of chemo, he is cancer-free and alive and healthy as ever. At 76 years old, he is seen as a strong fighter in our family. I’m so thankful God has blessed my grandfather and our family.”

—Julie Cortez McCarty: “I am thankful for forgiveness. Forgiveness gives you the ability to learn from the past and allows you to move forward and become better because of it and not bitter.”

—Brenda Knight Jenkins: “I am thankful that my husband served our country and returned home from (his) deployment to Afghanistan with everything (he) left home with.”

—Amanda Guidroz Kapp: “I am thankful for my religion and my belief in God and Jesus Christ, for all of my family and friends, for my health, for my freedom and for my job.”

—Wendy Anslem Maxwell: “I am thankful for being from South Louisiana where the greatest food in the world comes from. I am a Morgan City girl who travels all over the USA for my job, and I miss all the fresh seafood that we take for granted that comes to us by way of the Gulf.”

—Michelle Taquino Alcina: I am “thankful for my job. In today’s economy we should be all thankful we have food to eat and a great home to live in. My family is provided for and so thankful I have disposable income that so many do not have.”

—Alyssa Gilmore: “The education we have available. If we wouldn’t have education we would be nowhere in life.”

—Cory Castille: “I am thankful for the fact that I have a house to live in, clothes on my back and food to eat. There are way too many people in this world that don’t have those things available to them.”

—Linda Gros: “I am thankful that my husband works his butt off to give what I need and for my three beautiful daughters, their husbands, our three grandsons, seven granddaughters, to have a roof over our heads, food on our tables and to have the best friend I have.”

—Denise Carter: “I’m thankful that I’m able to work and make sure I can give my grandbabies everything in life so I pray every day to stay healthy so I don’t ask for nothing and don’t want nothing but I can tell you I’m the happiest woman in the world.”

—Mary Louise Hettinger: “I am thankful for my Chihuahua, Rocco J. Hettinger. He gives me unconditional love all the time.”

—Ha Le: “I am thankful to wake up this morning, well, not just this morning — every other morning. I’m thankful to see another day and blessed to spend my time with my awesome family. I’m also thankful for a place to call home.”

—Darlene Landry: “I’m thankful for being an American. God Bless America!”

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