City losing patience with garbage pickup

Patience is wearing thin with garbage pickup service problems in Franklin.

Councilman Chuck Autin, a persistent and vocal critic of Progressive Waste Solutions for several months now, said after arrival of a new garbage truck Monday and subsequent publicity regarding it, when the rounds were made for pickup Tuesday morning little had improved.

“They should be called ‘regressive,’” Autin said of the company. “The brand new, half-million dollar truck came down Main Street this morning and left nothing but garbage juice from The Lamp Post all the way down Main Street. I’m not happy, they can have all the trucks they want, they are not doing the job.”

Autin promised he would not let up. “These people need to straighten their acts up,” he said. “This morning it smelled like…it was really, really bad.”

He said there are problems outside of the city, too, including streets “covered with garbage, and those people went to the parish. Maybe we can get to together with the parish” to solve the problems, he suggested.

Mayor Raymond Harris, admitting that he had been giving Progressive a great deal of patience, said he’s about run out, too.

“I’m really disappointed in them,” he said. “The contract actually calls for a new truck every year…they’re going to have to do better. Their performance stinks. Period. I’ve been patient with them, I’ve even defended them, now I’m getting several complaints a week. They haven’t gotten better.”

Harris said “this effort to patronize the city of Franklin and give us a new truck…we don’t need just a new truck we need a new mentality. We need them to approach their job with a new attitude. They’re not doing their best, their employees are not going the extra mile…somebody at the top needs to come down and see what’s going on and then make some changes.”

He promised to “make some phone calls” in an attempt to solve problems.

“I feel like if we were a bigger municipality we’d get better treatment,” he said. “I don’t think we are going to get their attention unless we do something drastic.”

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