BEARS to set up at festival

Karen Marshall, KE5RPI, will be hosting an in-depth display of information, photos and stories of her recent trip to the International YLRL radio convention held in Australia.

The Young Ladies Radio League is an international nonprofit organization of women amateur radio enthusiasts. It was founded in 1939 and is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League. The term “Young Lady” derives from a Morse code abbreviation, YL, that is used to refer to female amateur radio operators, regardless of age. (As male operators of any age are addressed as OM or “old man” the spouse of a married OM is often called an XYL.)

As far back as 1939 there were women who had an interest in the technical aspects of ham radio. Normally, men were the ones at the forefront of this hobby, but even though it was a “Man’s World” in 1939, women were showing their interest in the art of ham radio and letting the public know they could sweep and mop, but also operate a ham radio.

The Young Ladies’ Radio League welcomes both married and unmarried women as members. The YLRL is organized into 10 districts in the United States (that correspond to the 10 amateur radio call sign districts), a district for Canada and a “DX” district that covers the rest of the world. The YLRL holds an annual convention at various locations where members live

The YLRL provides many services for its members including publishing a bimonthly newsletter, YL Harmonics. It also provides an audio tape version of YL Harmonics for sight-impaired members. There are also two scholarships granted to worthy YLs to continue their higher education with priority given for students whose majors are in communications and electronics or related arts and sciences.

Marshall has organized a series of beautiful volumes of pictures of Australia on her visit of a lifetime and will be happy to share her experiences with the general public. She will also answer any questions relating to the YLRL organization or just help lead someone interested in ham radio to obtain their first license.

This display will be part of the Special Event Station operated by the members of the BEARS ham radio organization. Marshall and the other Hams will be presenting information for the public and watch and listen to the contacts being made throughout the United States.

(Submitted by Jackie Price)

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