Baldwin millage is unchanged

Baldwin’s property tax rate will remain unchanged.

Mayor Wayne Breaux told the board of aldermen Thursday that the city’s 2012 taxable property assessment rang in at $8,800,697, with taxable property in 2011 at $8,419,316.

“The only tax we have on our books is a general alimony tax for the general fund,” Breaux said. “We don’t have any property taxes for utilities, sewer or anything like that.”

The tax can be adjusted or left the same each year, Breaux said. “You really want is for your valuation to grow,” he said. “If you show growth your tax base increases, and that’s what you use to provide services. If we were to collect the same amount of money we did last year, $99,432 based on the 2011 assessment, then the millage to draw that same amount of money could be dropped to 11.3 mills. Our tax millage presently is 11.81 mills.”

Breaux said not dropping the 11.81 mills would mean $4,504 additional per year for the town’s coffers.

“That’s not going to make or break the town but certainly in our financial position every little bit helps us to do services in the town,” he said.

An owner of a $100,000 home would pay an additional $5 per year if the millage is kept as is, he said.

“We live and die on our sales taxes,” Breaux pointed out, “which have continued to be steady, not a great deal of growth. Our expenses continue to grow, people request more and more services and to keep up with those services we have to have the revenues.”

The board voted unanimously to keep the millage rate at 11.81 mills.

In other business Thursday, Police Chief Gerald Minor said officers have so far managed to have three derelict vehicles removed from the town. The police department issued eight summonses in total.

Some vehicles are not titled to the owner of the property they sit on, and measures are being taken to locate the persons to whom the vehicles are titled.

The board also:

—Received drawings from Miller Engineers & Associates for proposed flood protection levees along Bayou Choupique. Breaux asked them to review the drawings between Thursday and the next meeting.

—Approved an invoice of $19,551 for Acadiane Renovations Limited for work on the fire station facility at the former Baldwin Elementary School.

—Agreed to an intergovernmental payment of $544 per month to Sewer District 4 for partial use of its sewer pond for some customers in Baldwin.

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