Baldwin alderman promises to remedy business noise

Neighbors of a Baldwin alderman complained about noise and other disturbances at the board’s meeting Thursday.

Residents of John Street, where Alderman Mike Lancelin resides, claim events sponsored by Lancelin have been noisy and at times put them in fear for their safety.

Elizabeth Simoneaux told the board the parties, which Lancelin offers as part of his business, spur fights in the street, vulgar language and loud noise. She said her tires have been slashed and she’s had theft of property. She said she installed an alarm system and a fence as a result.

Simoneaux said party attendees also park in front of her house. “I don’t feel like I should be invaded by somebody else,” she said.

Another neighbor, Robert Lajaunie, identified Lancelin as the sponsor of the parties. He suggested Lancelin move activities to the civic center.

“The last time they had a party there…we called the cops, they came out of there, they were all down the street,” Lajaunie said. “Smoking their weed, cussing, one of them had a pistol in the air. I went in the house and got my shotgun. I walked to my front gate. The man across the street, they were fighting in his driveway. I told the (chief of police) the next day, if that man would have fired that pistol in my direction he’d have been dead. And I mean it.”

Lancelin said the party Lajaunie referred to was for 12 to 13 year olds, and there were about 10 adults present.

He said Lajaunie’s house is farther down the street than his own, and it could not be proven where the individuals came from. He said his parties end at 10:30 p.m., but there was strong disagreement from all the residents.

“What process do I have to go through to get him arrested?” Lajaunie asked.

Mayor Wayne Breaux said a complaint of noise and disturbance would mean a citation, not necessarily an arrest.

Police Chief Gerald Minor said he met with Lancelin to discuss the matter. He said they agreed there would be a police officer on site.

Lancelin added that he acquired property on Bollard Street in an enclosed area.

“I got with a company that’s going to build an eight-foot barrier on my side of the property,” he said. “I’m going to solve these problems. I’ve cancelled six engagements with anything with children. I have one more event this Saturday, a private party, for adults. I can have a private party at my premises anytime I want.”

He promised there would be no noise and his personnel would supervise, along with the police department.

Charles Guy, also a neighbor, said “the events going on attracts the crowd. They were fighting in my street and fighting in my driveway. I stood at my back door with my pistol in my hand. The last time there were four patrol cars… (Lancelin) may not be able to control what goes on in the street but the activities that take place in his business is what’s attracting that type of activity.”

Guy said the noise has continued past 10:30 p.m. on many occasions.

Also Thursday, the board:

—Approved renewal of the franchise agreement with Cleco.

—Approved an increase in water rates from $2.50 to $3 per thousand after the first 2,000 gallons used.

—Set Christmas holidays at town hall at a half-day Dec. 23 and a full day on Dec. 26.

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